• Fri, Feb 8, 2019

    No matter what your business niche is, you will need a good graphic designer at some point. A graphic designer is needed for creating advertisements, magazines, brochures, business reports, and many more things.

    Before you look for freelance graphic designers for hire, you need to understand the important things that go into hiring the right designer. Here are some useful tips to hire the right graphic designer.

    Respect the Craft

    Always remember the majority of the freelance graphic designers out there are not trying to take advantage of you. They have the skills and passion needed to transform your vision into visual design and they deserve good compensation for their work.

    You need to understand the project is collaboration between you and the graphic designer. First, you need to determine your point of view of the project and then seek the graphic designer view of the project.

    Do Your Homework

    Before you start looking for the right graphic designer, you need to do your homework. For example, what kind of project you are planning? Which qualities are needed in the graphic designer for that project? You need to have clear answers to two important questions.

    ·         What do you like?

    ·         What you don’t like?

    Remember a graphic designer is a not neither a web developer nor a creative director. While the graphic designer can create a look for the website, he/she cannot do the coding part. A graphic designer can create a great looking logo but you can’t expect the graphic designer to establish your brand identity.

    Set Clear Expectations

    To ensure the success of the project, you need to provide enough background information about the project. The candidate needs to know the details of the company, the objectives of the project and the skills you are looking for.

    Sharing potential obstacles and the deadlines of the project is essential in the job description. This will help the candidate determine whether he/she can meet your expectations.

    Write a Creative Brief

    A creative brief is a great tool to attract potential graphic designers. The creative brief will include the background of the project that will help you find the best match.

    Find out the Candidates Creative Thinking Process

    Once you are done with the job description and the creative brief, you will receive applications from potential graphic designers. When you are looking for freelance graphic designers for hire, make sure you get an idea of the creative thinking process of the candidates.

    You can find out the candidates creative thinking process by asking something unexpected during the interview process. For example, you can show a creative design piece or logo and ask the candidate how he/she could have done things differently.

    The answer will give you an insight into the candidate’s creative thinking process. The goal of this step is to understand the creative thinking process of the candidates.

    Evaluate Graphic Designer Portfolio

    A graphic designer’s portfolio will tell you about all design projects the freelancer has done. In simple words, it is a resume for a graphic designer. When evaluating the graphic design portfolio, you need to closely look at the “relative” and “absolute” elements.

    The absolute elements in the portfolio show the professionalism level, experience, and skills of the graphic designer. The relative elements show how well the designer’s style aligns with your brand.

    Request for a Trial Project

    A great way to determine whether the graphic designer is right for your project is a trial project. You can ask the candidate to complete a sample project that could only take a few hours to complete. It can be anything like touching up a past project or designing a display banner. It need not be a difficult project, but it should show their creativity.

    Ask What the Designer Expects from You

    It is always a good thing to ask the graphic designer what he/she needs from you for the success of the project. It can be anything like documentation of project requirements or artwork or flexible deadlines or feedback. Following these tips while looking for freelance graphic designers for hire will keep you away from pitfalls that prevent you from hiring a best graphic designer.

  • Fri, Feb 8, 2019

    Interviewing a UX designer can be a difficult task. The reason is the term “UX” designer is used as an umbrella term for various roles. To select the right candidate, you need first to understand the role the candidate would need to play in the whole UX design process.

    To make things easy for you, we have compiled a list of top five UX designer interview questions that will give you some insight about a candidate’s capabilities in UX design field.

    1.  What Do You Understand about User Experience Design?

    It is one of the basic questions that can be asked at the start of the interview. The right answer is UX design refers to the process which involves creating products that are easy to use and provide a delightful experience to the end user.

    The whole UX design process is about enhancing user experience while interacting with the product. One of the objectives of UX design is to ensure that the end user finds value in the experience.

    2.  Which Methods Do You Use for User Research?

    User research is an essential aspect of the UX design process. The answer to this question will help the interviewer understand the process and methodologies the UX designer follows in his/her project. The right answer should include the following things and touch the aspects mentioned below.

    The various types of methods used in user research encompass in-person interviews to unmoderated A/B tests and everything in between. It doesn’t matter which method is used for research; it should include key methodologies like observation, understanding, and analysis.

    The right method used for research also depends on the context of the project. The primary objective behind using any method should be most useful results with respect to goals and desired outcomes.

    3.  What Is Interaction Design?

    This is one of the most important UX designer interview questions that help you know candidates’ knowledge about the three main elements of user experience.

    The right answer is that the interaction design is a part of the UX. The three main parts of UX design are Interaction design, Graphic Design, and Front-end development. In UX, the front end developer writes the code; the graphic designer decides how the interface should look and the interaction designer where to place different items in menus.

    The interaction designers’ jobs involve creating wireframes and prototypes and get a general feeling of the final product. In simple words, the interaction designer is responsible for user actions of the website/application while the graphic designer is responsible for graphical representation.

    4.  What Are User Personas and Why They Are Important?

    A user persona refers to a fictional representation of your ideal user. It is based on user research, and it contains goals, needs, and behavioral pattern of the defined target audience.

    The process of creating user personas is a lengthy one. Before designing any product, you need to understand the demands of the user. This will help you determine how the product will fit in the conventional requirements of the user.

    A user persona takes into consideration product requirements, goals, usage customs, and preferences. The user persona clearly defines the needs of potential users and help developers focus on user requirements and preferences during function design.

    5.  What Are User Journeys In UX and Why They Are Important?

    A user journey refers to a series of steps which define a scenario in which the user might interact with the product. User journey can be used for two purposes.

    ·         To define how a user currently interacts currently with the product/service/website

    ·         To define how a user could interact with the product/service/website

    User journeys are important for several reasons like

    Demonstrate Vision For The Product -It is always a good thing to communicate your vision to the stakeholders. It shows what the future state of the project would be and what you are designing.

     Identify Possible Functionality – User journeys identifies the key tasks (functions) that need to perform to achieve the results. In simple words, user journey defines what kind of functionality requirements are needed to complete certain tasks. These are the five top UX designer interview questions that you need to ask every candidate.

  • Thu, Oct 18, 2018

    When interviewing web developers, you need to ask them question covering JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5. Here are some good web developer interview questions you should ask every candidate.

    HTML5 Questions

    1. What Are the New Form Elements in HTML5?

    Form elements are also known as semantic elements in HTML5. They clearly describe the meaning to the browser and the developer. The new form elements recently introduced are:

    · <datalist> – this form element gives a list of options for input controls.
    · <keygen> – this form element generates an encryption key.
    · <output> – this form element is the result of an expression.

    If the candidate mentions the above elements, it shows he/she is well aware of the latest updates about the languages used in web development which is a good sign.

    2. What Is a Canvas? What Is Its Default Border Size?

    The HTML <canvas> element is used to draw graphics on the fly using JavaScript. The Canvas element is only a container for graphics. You need to use JavaScript to actually draw the graphics. Canvas has different methods for drawing text, circles, boxes, paths, and adding images.

    By default, the border size of Canvas element and size of its drawing surface is 300 screen pixels wide and 150 screen pixels high. Developers can increase the canvas element size but the drawing surface remains the same.

    The candidate should know the limitations of the drawing surface size. If the candidate is not having such basic knowledge about canvas element, it is a red flag.

    3. What Is SVG and Why Do You Use It?

    SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. It is used to display vector graphics on the Web. SVG graphics uses XML format and they do not lose quality even when resized.

    CSS3 Questions

    4. How Is CSS3 Different from CSS?

    This is one of the basic web developer interview questions and a candidate needs to know the right answer for it. The right answer is CSS3 is the latest version of CSS which has brought many improvements for a better user experience.

    Some of the features introduced in this new CSS version are media queries, custom layout, animation, and rounded corners.

    5. What Are Different Types of CSS?

    There are three different types of CSS which includes

    · Embedded – it uses <style> attribute to add CSS styles
    · Inline – it adds CSS to the HTML elements
    · External/linked – it adds an external CSs file to HTML document

    6. What Is Webkit in CSS3 and Why It Is Used?

    Webkit is a core software component which is responsible for rendering CSS and HTML in browsers like Safari and Chrome. There are other rendering engines like Presto for Opera, Gecko for Firefox and Edge for IE.

    To run Webkit on any page, you need to use the <webkit> keyword with CSS values. For example,
    box_shadow {
    -webkit-box-shadow: 0px 5px 5px 0px #ffffff;
    box-shadow: 0px 5px 5px 0px #ffffff;
    JavaScript Questions

    7. What Are the Core Data Types Available in JavaScript?

    Below are the Core Data Types available in JavaScript
    · String
    · Object
    · Number
    · Null
    · Function
    · Boolean
    · Undefined

    This is one of the fundamental questions in JavaScript, and every candidate who is applying for the web developer position should be able to answer this question.

    8. What Is the Difference Between Null Value and Undefined Value?

    · A variable which is declared but not assigned any value will have <undefined> value
    · A variable who has been assigned with null will yield a <null> value
    · <null> is an object whereas <undefined> is a type itself
    · Null is directly set in the code whereas <undefined> value is set via JavaScript engine

    9. What Are Different Types of Popup Boxes Available in JavaScript?

    JavaScript permits following types of Popup boxes

    <Alert> – it only features an <OK> button to proceed
    <Confirm> – this pop-up box features <OK> and <Cancel> buttons
    <Prompt> – this pop-up box asks for user input which is then follows by <OK> and <Cancel> buttons.

    These are only some important web developer interview questions that should be part of the interview process. Do you have any questions? Please feel free to comment.

  • Wed, Sep 5, 2018

    UI developers shoulder the responsibility of creating an entire user interface. Due to the nature of the job profile, it is difficult to select the right UI Developer. However, asking the right questions is the first step in selecting the best UI developer.

    Here are top ten UI developer interview questions and the best answers that would help you in uncovering talent:

    1. Can You Describe the Workflow of Creating a Webpage?

    The workflow of creating the webpage has changed radically in the last few years. Every UI developer would have their unique workflow and the answer would give insight into their general technical preferences and their organizational patterns. You should pay attention to the array of tools the UI developer mentions while answering the question.

    2. How Do You Ensure the Web Application or Website Is User-Friendly?

    UI developers need to have a strong grasp of accessibility and usability aspects when designing the experience for end-users. The question would give you insights about their knowledge about the best practices and their development standards. The UI developer should be able to demonstrate the different ways in which he/she implemented usability and accessibility in previous projects.

    3. What Are Your Favorite Features of CSS3 and HTML5?

    Though it looks like a basic question, the answer would help you know whether the UI developer keeps himself/herself updated about new features in core technologies used in front-end development.

    Some of the new features of CSS3 are Rounded Corners, Border Image, Box Shadow, and Text Shadow to name a few. Similarly, some of the new features of HTML5 are new tags like Audio, Command, Canvas, Datalist, and many more.

    4. What Is a CSS Float? Can You Explain the Concept with an Example?

    The question is intended to check their knowledge of common CSS elements. Besides a concrete definition of CSS float, the UI developer should be confident about explaining the technical concept to an audience. Also, the UI developer should be able to explain how he/she uses this element in the code.

    5. How Do You Address Browser-Specific Rendering Problems?

    The answer should include the UI developer’s understanding of the browser procedure of rendering pages and web apps. Also, the UI developer should mention browser-specific workarounds and explain troubleshooting steps that he/she takes to solve browser-specific rendering problems.

    6. What UX Information Do You Need Before Starting Development Work?

    It is one of the important UI developer interview questions that allow you to test the UI developer’s planning process. The UI development depends on a lot of gathered data that includes usability testing, user surveying, and so on. The answer should also include end-user needs and business goals.

    7. What Do You Think About Google’s Material Design?

    It is a generic question and the answer should be more specific. A good UI developer would have updates about the latest user interface and standards. The UI developers would also know a lot about material design like its goals, principles, environment, properties, and likes.

    8. What Is Scraping In UiPath?

    Scraping UiPath is an innovative technique for extracting text from running apps even if the apps are hidden or covered by other apps. Not every candidate would be able to answer this question.

    9. Tell Me Something About UI Microinteractions You Have Used

    The UI developer should be able to give some examples that he/she used for the “feel” part of the “look and feel” of the project. It is necessary the UI developers understand that just creating beautiful designs is not enough, if the UI developer does not pay attention to detail, it will not impress the end-user.

    10. How Would You Design a Great-Looking Interface?

    The answer would help you understand how the UI developer thinks as end-user. The UI developer should first identify elements (shapes, colors, placement, for example) and give reasons why they need to be redesigned.

    There is more to interviewing than asking above UI developer interview questions. However, the candidate who is able to answer most of the questions satisfactorily is more likely to have better knowledge of UI development than who don’t.

  • Thu, Apr 19, 2018

    In marketing, you don’t get a second chance to create a first impression, and the early impressions are always the best ones. You need to grab the attention of your target customers by creating that best initial image of your brand. Visually appealing images, infographics with catchy text is a great way to create such a memorable impression. Freelance graphic designers are creative experts with an understanding of business and customer psychology who can help your marketing material with attractive designs that stir interests in the minds of prospects about your products.

    However, many businesses overlook the importance of designs, logos, brochures, etc., and hence many create them on their own with free tools. On the other hand, some others may outsource it to an agency neither of these may yield the desired results for the business. Businesses need a creative designer who with a greater understanding of your business, products, brand value and the target customers create the perfect design using stylish elegant fonts, typography, etc. to draw their attention towards your brand instantly.

    Hiring freelance graphic designer to create stunning visuals for your marketing material is a great way to try before you buy, before you hire the resource permanently or if you have intermittent design requirements etc. However, as not all designers are equal, finding the right designer who can deliver the perfect designs can be a challenge.

    Factors to consider when hiring freelance graphic designer for your business

    Examine their portfolio: An experienced graphic designer will have a rich portfolio that highlights the past work. Ask for such a portfolio and examine their previous designs carefully. Make sure they have enough experience in designing materials similar to what you need. A freelance graphic designer works with variety of clients and accumulates rich experience. Check for variety in the profile; make sure the designer has experience designing for wide medium including print, web that demonstrates expertise in using technology, and latest tools to create stunning designs for your brand.

    Check with references: References and reviews speak a lot about the working style and attitude of the freelance graphic designer under consideration. The freelancer may have worked on projects posted on market place websites where client reviews are accurate than the testimonials published on their website, check for reviews on such websites where designer often bids for design projects.

    Check their professional affiliations: Freelance graphic designer work independently, however, they constantly strive to improve their skills, stay current with the developments in their field and acquire a deeper understanding of businesses. Make sure to check if the professional designer you consider is in professional networks, is a member of any professional groups to keep himself up to date with the emerging trends in his field and in the business world. Professional affiliations also guarantee some credibility about the freelancer.

    Meet for a personal interview: You may want to have a face-to-face conversation with the freelancer to check his attitude, his presentation style, etc. However, not many freelance graphic designers may be local to you, and hence may not be available for a face-to-face meet, you can schedule an interview over Skype or Hangouts in such cases so you still get to see the attitude, and presentation of the freelancer.

    Pricing: Pricing is the most important decision making factor in any buying or hiring decisions. Similarly, when looking to hire a freelance graphic designer you need to discuss the rate. It is important that you set a budget for the project, considering the design work your project requires, etc., before you start the screening process. However, as designers charge customized pricing you need to be flexible and be ready to negotiate with the right designer. Make sure you do not underpay or pay an exorbitant rate to the graphic designer.

    Hiring a creative professional such as freelance graphic designer can be a very challenging task. Therefore, you need to make sure you have a clear understanding of your business requirements, budgetary constraints, be prepared to take risks, also, it is important to read the terms and conditions of the freelancer and make your expectations clear so the purpose of hiring is successful.

  • Sun, Feb 25, 2018

    Freelance graphic designers in Los Angeles create eye-catching visuals to offer life to you content. As expert communicators, they convey your brand’s message through images.

    Graphic designers are not merely artists who create images; they are marketing experts who understand the business dynamics, psyche of the audience, and use their design skills to persuade your target the audience to take a certain action.

    As competition between companies becomes intense, the role of graphic design services has become crucial in creating a memorable brand identity, differentiate your company from the crowd, reach a wider audience, etc. However, the challenge many businesses face is finding the right graphic design professional who can execute the visual content strategy for your business.

    Tips for choosing the best graphic designer

    Set Clear Expectations: Are you planning to hire a freelance graphic designer in Chicago or elsewhere? Well, you need to have clear expectations and goals in your mind. Are you looking for a minor change in your advertisement or need to devise a comprehensive marketing strategy from the scratch?

    Finding the answer to these questions will help communicate the same to the freelance graphic designer, who can deliver exactly what your business needs, based on your requirements. It is important that you clearly communicate the goals, budget, and deadline to avoid disappointment.

    Evaluate Previous Work: Experienced graphic designers will have a strong portfolio of their previous works. Evaluating their portfolio will help you understand the skills of the designer. It is better to consider professionals who have worked for similar businesses.

    Tips for evaluating portfolios

    When evaluating the graphic designer’s portfolio, you may want to consider the elements such as color, if he prefers warm or cool colors, does the designer work with three-dimensional or flat images? Does he allow space for images to breathe or create compact graphics? Finally, the kind of typography he uses.

    Trial Project: If you are considering a freelancer graphic designer in Los Angeles who has no experience in your line of business, or someone with no portfolio at all, you may ask the candidate to work on a trial project and assess his design skills, communication, punctuality, commitment etc. It’s a good practice to pay for the time and efforts spent on such trial project.

    Inspirations: Graphic design is a creative discipline and inspiration is an important consideration. An understanding of the factors that motivate designers help you assess abilities such as creativity, ability to think quickly, flexibility, ability to adapt, etc. You need to check for skills such as creativity, communication skills, work style, etc.

    You can also check his thinking style by seeking his opinion about a graphic such as your own logo, or your competitor’s logo, etc. to help you understand their thinking style, and inspirations.

    Fee: Fee plays an important role when you hire a freelance Graphic designer in LA or elsewhere. You need to hire a designer who charges reasonable price for their services. You need to pay the fee that is neither too high nor too low, so you get quality work.

    Hiring a freelance graphic designer in Los Angeles or elsewhere through a staffing agency is the best option for business of all sizes, as you can access their database of experienced and professional creative talents and avoid spending time on complex and expensive recruitment and related administrative tasks.

  • Sun, Dec 31, 2017

    You need professional graphic design to connect with customers and gain an edge over competitors. And if you want to hire freelance graphic designer to do the job but don’t know much about graphic design, this article should help you.

    Where to Begin

    Before you start interviewing the prospective graphic designer, you should create an outline to define the objectives of the freelance graphic design project and the skills and qualities that you need in your graphic designer.

    Share Your Expectation and Goals

    To ensure the freelance graphic designer creates designs for maximum engagement, you need to share maximum information about the design project. The creative brief should include objectives of the project, details of your company, and specific qualifications you desire in the ideal candidate.

    Don’t forget to mention project deadlines and any upfront creative obstacles that potential graphic designer would encounter. All this will help potential candidates get better understanding of the freelance graphic design project and determine if they meet your expectations before sending their proposals.

    Know the Essential Skills Required

    The word “graphic design” is a very broad term and it applies to a wide range of creative work like marketing materials, logos, letterheads, flyers, catalogs, books, and many other types of graphic design work.

    To select the right freelance graphic designer, you need to have a good understanding of different types of designers and the relevant skill sets. For example, if you want to create logos, marketing materials, you need to look for freelance graphic designers knowledgeable about design software like Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign.

    If you want to create blog templates or landing pages for websites, you need to look for graphic designers with knowledge of Illustrator, HTML/CSS, wireframing and Dreamweaver.

    Find More About Their Creative Thinking Process

    Graphic design is a creative work that starts with creative thinking. Not every graphic designer will think same and this is what makes the graphic design unique.

    To narrow down potential candidates, you can ask them something unexpected about any design during the interview process.  For example, you can give them old graphic design or a logo and ask how they could have done it differently. The answer to such questions will give you insights into their creative thinking process.

    Explain Your Target Audience Clearly

    You don’t create graphic designs for the sake of it; the visual designs need to connect with your audience. Your graphic designer needs to understand your target audience so that he/she can figure out what your target audience would think when they look at a flyer, package or any design related to your brand.

    The designer needs to create visual designs that can communicate clearly and your audience is able to understand what the visuals say. Companies cater to a wide range of audiences. The younger folks might be interested in new things while older audience or corporate clients may not be interested in cool and crazy designs.

    The design has nothing to do what the designer wants; it’s all about what your audience wants. Hence, you need to explain your target audience clearly to the freelance graphic designer.

    Start with a Trial Project

    The interview might not be enough to gauge the candidate perfectly. Before selecting any graphic designer, give him/her a trail project which can be completed in a few hours. The trial project can be anything like touch up for an older project or a small logo strategy. The trial project will present your opportunity to assess graphic designer’s talent more precisely. Once you are satisfied with the result, you can award the project to the freelance graphic designer and discuss the milestones and payment terms for the project.

    Selecting a graphic designer is more than looking at the resume. There are several things that can be only known by following the tips given above. The steps to selecting the right graphic designer start from reviewing the resume and ends with the output of the trial project that shows whether the candidate is all you wanted to be.

    How do you select a freelance graphic designer for your project? Please feel free to leave your comments below.

  • Thu, Nov 16, 2017

    In the digital world, with websites becoming your storefront, your most powerful sales tool, you need a compelling design, style, and user experience to bring and retain visitors and convert them to customers. A freelance web designer with great understanding of your business, customer preferences, internet marketing, etc., can help your business acquire customers and get more sales.

    However, as recruitment becomes complex and expensive process, the challenge lies in finding the top web designer who can deliver the perfect website that helps your business scale new heights. Finding the best talent is tough, especially as there are only a few qualified resources and many companies chasing them, the chances of you finding the right candidate are meagre. Hiring a wrong web designer would cost your company heavy. Experience says about 80% of the selected candidates do not meet the expectations of the business and companies have to train, or re-hire, which costs time and money for businesses.

    You need someone who can hit the ground running and freelance web designers are your best bet!

    When you hire a freelancer, you have an option to try before you buy, observe their performance and decide if you can hire the candidate for future projects or even hire them full-time, etc.  Hiring freelancers is an efficient and cost effective recruitment solution for many businesses as it offers several benefits:

    Benefits of hiring a freelance web designer:

    • Variety:  Freelance graphic designer work on a project-to-project basis with many different clients and on a wide variety of projects, as such they develop a business sense and flexibility in developing websites for businesses with ease. It helps bring fresh ideas to your business from other industries and outdo competition easily.
    • Costs:  When looking to hire freelance web designers in Chicago or anywhere in US, costs play an important role in making the final decision. With freelancers, you do not have to invest on overheads such as office space, power, computers, and other equipment, etc, as working from home; these freelance designers have their own infrastructure capable of handling your projects, or any project. In addition, you need not spend on annual vacation, health care expenses of a freelance employee, which results in huge savings for your business.
    • Deadline Oriented:  Freelancer works on his own, with instructions from your manager, there are no intermediaries involved and so he can deliver the project on time. Freelancers work on a project-to-project basis, they get paid for the tasks and the projects they complete, so they prefer to complete the projects on time, sticking to the deadlines, and move on to the next project.
    • Specialization:  Freelancers come with a host of specializations, unlike in-house developers who have only certain skills, you can find freelancers with the specific skill set you need. It works great, especially when you need the services of specialists to upgrade your technology and need an expert to perform the task for you.
    • Access to global talent: When you decide to hire a freelance web designer you have the advantage of working with a global talent pool. With many online tools available to manage your freelancer, you can look overseas for better quality of work, cost efficiencies etc. and hire a professional freelancer who has the right skill set and attitude.

    Whether you need to upgrade to a new or better technology or work on micro projects, hiring a freelance web designer is the best solution available as they offer flexibility in hiring and offer efficiencies in cost, etc. With technology developing at rapid pace managing and collaborating with freelancers from anywhere in the world has become easier.

  • Thu, Jul 13, 2017

    Hiring a pro for important design projects like high profile brand imagery, websites, and company logos is important if you want your business to stand out from the competition. When looking for freelance graphic designers in Los Angeles, you need to look for a designer who has a variety of skills and experience of working on different projects.

    With so many freelance graphic designers out there, it can be a daunting task to choose the right one. We are providing you some important tips so that your search for the right graphic designer starts on the right foot.

    Understand What You Want from the Graphic Designer

    Graphic design is more than images and fonts clubbed up together.  A good graphic design can boost your brand image substantially and help your business reach new heights. Just like any other skill or profession, graphic design also has some specialties including corporate presentations, magazine layouts, marketing materials, product packaging, illustrations, clothing designs and much more.

    The graphic designers you choose should be able to create visuals that convey the right message to the audience that will generate inquiries and lead to increase sales. In order to ensure the visual communication is successful, you need to have a clear brief in mind and understand what you want from the graphic designer. Only then you can get make the visual communication work for you.

    Write a Job Post That Attracts Your Dream Designer

    Once you have written a clear brief of your design project, you need to concentrate on writing an attractive job post that attracts talented freelance graphic designers in Los Angeles. You need to write a detailed job post that leaves no room for misinterpretation or guesswork. Some of the important things that should be in your job post are:

    · Who You Are – give information about yourself, the company and the niche of your business. Also, include some background information that will help the graphic designer get a feel of your business.

    · Details of the Project – give a clear outline of the work that needs to be done such as designing a logo, business card design, website, or billboard advertising design. This will allow the freelancer to understand the work that is expected from him/her and determine whether he/she has the skills and experience to bid for the project.

    Review Portfolios

    Most designers will provide a link to their portfolios in order to strengthen their bids. While reviewing portfolios, pay interest to any individual piece that interests you. Naturally, your design project would be totally different but reviewing their portfolios will help you understand their approach and style of work.

    Every graphic designer has a different style of work. Reviewing their portfolios will also help you determine whether the graphic designer’s style suits your project. While reviewing their portfolio, ask them about their part in the project and the design process they follow. Get an idea about their way of interaction with the team and how they work with design choices they don’t agree with.

    Determine your Budget

    Whether you are working on a project in-house or working on a project for a client, you need to determine the overall budget for that design project. The cost of hiring a graphic designer varies, which depends on the skills and the experience the designer has.

    Determine how critical or important the design project is for your organization? Based on the importance of the project be ready to extend the budget to hire the best freelance graphic designer.

    Set Expectations Upfront

    Set basic parameters such as the work hours, payment schedule, expected response time for emails before finalizing any graphic designer. Make a list of all design work that needs to be done with clear instructions. Try providing visual examples for design items so that the graphic designer understands your expectations about every creative piece.

    Working Together

    Don’t expect a perfect first draft even when you have selected the best graphic designer from the list.  Discovering what works for your business will take time and you should develop a feedback cycle that will help the designer produce better results. Having patience is important as everyone is going through a growing phase including you and the graphic designer (www.wisegeek.org/what-does-a-graphic-designer-do.htm).

    If you want to hire freelance graphic designer, you need to research and know your exact needs. Then you need to scan through several portfolios until you have found a right graphic designer with whom you can build a lasting and successful partnership.

  • Wed, Jan 11, 2017

    Are you looking for medical SEO for enhancing the visibility of your website? Appoint one of the best medical SEO service providers and get in touch with the patients searching for medical treatment and services. Search engine optimization is a combination of both the on-site and off-site factors and the combination of these two facets help to drive high-quality traffic to your site. This ultimately helps you to stand apart from your competitors and win new patients every day. Since, more than 85% of the internet users now find websites through search engines, it is important that you maintain a good rank in Google, Yahoo or Bing.

    Let’s check out in this regard a few tactics of medical SEO:

    Conduct market research – You shouldn’t forget to conduct a research on your market. Sugar Land SEO expert finds out where your potential patients are and exactly what they’re looking for. You must place high emphasis on the locality from where you want to get traffic.

    Optimize web page – Try to optimize every page of your web page. Make use of meta-descriptions, unique content and site maps to enhance the visibility of your website in search engine result.

    Implement off-page strategies – Employ off-page strategies to increase your authority in search engine results which include article indexing, link building, writing press releases and more.

    Make modifications after analysis – Remember that search engine optimization needs constant analysis and modification. So, you must study your search engine ranks as well as traffic reports regularly. If essential, you may also have to adjust several factors on your website to keep you close to the top SEO results.

    Offer transparency to website – Get reports detailing the current ranking of your website in search engine pages. Check site analytic report to identify how visitors are coming to your site, which pages they have viewed and from which search engines they are coming. You can also schedule a consultation with an SEO analyst for ensuring whether your efforts will meet your objectives.

    Use Facebook for brand building – Make use of Facebook for building your brand. This will help your patient to have trust on you. Provide attentive follow-up care for patients or else, you can create the brand which offers attentive follow-up care for patients. Moreover, you could be the source of providing wisdom teeth removal to your patients. You can also build a simple brand that your patient will trust and enjoy. Keep in mind, that brand loyalty is significant for creating loyal patients. Make use of your Facebook page for building your medical brand. Opt for a reward program on Facebook. Consider planning a reward program like VIP club. It could be a VIP program for patients having X number of procedures and could be based on how long you are taking care of the patients. Try to make your VIP program exclusive. Recognition of continued patronage is significant and that recognition builds loyalty. You can provide a free laser skin tightening or a dental whitening treatment free of cost or else, you can arrange a special wine and cheese party once in a quarter. Whatever may be the case, your Facebook page can be an excellent way of promoting the possibility of every patient becoming a VIP patient.

    Capitalize on social media – Social media can be a wonderful way to let a group of patient feel that they’re a part of your practice. Announce program on the Facebook page, along with perks coming with it. You can encourage VIPs to post content on your Facebook page in the form of blog in first-person and their personal story after getting treatment from you. Moreover, you can constantly look for other new procedures for promoting your medical practice through social media.

    Inspire patients to review practice – You must not forget to inspire patients to review your medical practice. According to research, it is shown that more than 90% of the US consumers go through online reviews while deciding about a product or a business. Moreover, in the healthcare industry, potential patients seek to find a level of trust before opting for a medical practice in this manner. Hence, you should always encourage your patients to review your medical practice – be it formal, real self or any post on Facebook. If you see that your patients are thrilled with your practice – get that video posted on your Facebook page and be sure to interact with the post. Never be afraid of a bad review. Many people do not trust reviews when there is no negative word. They think that the reviews are already planned by you. However, in case there is less favorable review, respond to it and fix the issues that the patients are having. You can then ask your patients to post the final result.

    Follow these tactics for medical SEO and boost your online visibility.

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