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    Cpanel is one of the most popular web based control panel system that has already become the standard for control panel across majority of reputed hosting companies. Thanks to huge versatility, flexibility, total control and rich features and scalability, cPanel is preferred now by millions of websites and hosting companies worldwide. Besides offering total administrative ease and control cPanel is known for adaptability to diverse server side environments, operating systems and software plugins. The control panel offers a very much user friendly interface and for working with it one does not need too much technical knowledge.

    Now combining cPanel control panel with the VPS hosting, it becomes an even more lethal solution comparable to even dedicated hosting in many regards. VPS is known for a overall feature rich hosting experience ensuring better server performance and least downtimes, though always being cost effective compared to the hefty price tag of dedicated servers. cPanel can enhance this performance attributes to a great extent to deliver advanced hosting solution. Let us now have a look at the top 10 reasons to opt for cPanel VPS as a complete performance driven hosting solution.

    10 Reasons VPS cPanel can be the Best Business Hosting Solution

    1. Ease of setting up and installation

    In contrast to other web hosting services needing complex setup procedures, Linux based cPanel is exceptionally easy to install and even the server administration does not need any prior knowledge and skill for that.

    1. Versatility and flexibility

    A great advantage of hosting on a VPS package with cPanel is that on the one hand you get total root access to the server environment and on the other hand, cPanel would offer total control over all server side tasks and actions. With VPS you have your own virtual environment where any third party software plugins can be installed and run, while cPanel with a wide range of plugins adds more to this flexibility and versatility of your virtual environment.

    Users of cPanel users can exercise maximum server side control over an array of things including email, domain management, FTP accounts, server security, flexible and scalable bandwidth and storage, backup, external plugins and many more. From scheduling and automating backup to auto deletion of unwanted emails to preventing stealing bandwidth, this control panel makes your life easier in every way.

    1. Security

    As far as worry over the security aspects of cPanel VPS hosting is concerned, tighter security protocols and arrangements ensured by cPanel can be a great relief. By offering Leech Protection to protect secre website areas from unwanted interference to offering hotlink protection to preventing bandwidth storage to offering IP Deny Manager preventing access to unauthorized users from certain IP addresses, cPanel on a VPS hosting environment can guarantee highest security measures.

    1. Enhanced room and better file Management

    Thanks to virtualized server environment you never actually get out of resources while using a VPS hosting and when using advanced control panel systems like cPanel users can be further at ease. Automatic backup service in cPanel allows users saving entire directories including home directories, MySQL and things like email filters etc. Naturally, your data, settings and everything will have more protection from any crash or sudden failure.

    1. Ease in managing files

    cPanel has robust file management features to access, protect and manage files for a variety of server side tasks. Moreover, the legacy file manager feature will allow user copy, move, delete, edit, create or take any action regarding the files from any location just by using the correct password and login details.

    1. Managing domains and sub domains

    For VPS users simultaneously creating and accessing multiple domains and sub-domains and incorporate changes in web-pages without needing to bring changes in htaccess file, is a great advantage ensured by cPanel. Moreover, add-on domains feature in cPanel allows easy linking of the hosting account to any domain and sub domain of preference.

    1. Integrating lot of scripts and other things

    cPanel comes loaded with an auto installer called Fantastico that can support and install more than 50 open source scripts in your VPS server adding more features and versatility to it. A majority of these open source scripts are made to make jobs like editing, designing and other web tasks simple. Naturally, they can save huge time and effort for the webmasters and the server management for creating or incorporating changes to any web page. These scripts add to the functionalities of the server in more than one way.

    1. Cost effectiveness

    Finally, anyone will irrevocably agree that VPS hosting is cheaper compared to dedicated servers. But then, does this mean VPS offer just the same lousy server performance shared hosting is known for years? No, rather contrary is the case. VPS offering a virtual environment actually manages server resource better and consequently guarantee a far better performance but charging much less than dedicated servers. With the addition of performance boosting control panel systems like cPanel it further makes it a great hosting solution (webdesign.about.com/od/findahost/) at an affordable price.

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