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    4 Law Firm Website Mistakes to Avoid

    If you’re starting a new law firm and want to get your website online as soon as possible (which you should), have finally decided that you need a website for your firm, or are planning a redesign of your current website, it’s important that you have a website designed that actually helps your firm bring in new clients. These days your website isn’t just an online business card, but a very important and effective – if used well – marketing channel. Because many law firm partners are not up to date with new technology and online marketing practices, law firm websites are often designed with some major flaws that sometimes cause a firm to actually lose business as opposed to gain it from their site. In order to avoid some of these mistakes on your website we’ve listed a few of the most common mistakes that are made on law firm websites.

    Having an Outdated Website

    Your website is often the first contact potential clients will have with your firm. If your website hasn’t been updated in years, this will make it look like your business is not well organized. Providing valuable information about all the services that you currently offer and how you help out your clients is very important to convince potential clients that your firm is the right firm to hire. It’s also important to keep your website up to date to reach better Google search result rankings. Google’s search engine algorithm favors websites that regularly post new content, so make sure that you regularly update your website.

    Not Blogging

    Blogging is hip and happening, even for lawyers. Everyone loves free, interesting information and people will stay on your site longer if it provides interesting articles about topics they need information on. Having a quality blog on your site that offers valuable information will show your visitors that your firm is a thought leader in its legal niche.

    Not only do visitors love high quality, free information, but so does Google. Regularly posting new articles on your website’s blog will help your site rank better in search engine results pages (SERPs) for searches that are relevant to the services your firm offers.

    Not Taking Advantage of Social Media

    Social media marketing is becoming ever more important for law firms. One easy way of improving your firm’s social media presence is by adding social media sharing buttons to your website. People who read articles on your website will be more inclined to share them if there are social media buttons right next to them. The more shares you get, the more your online presence will grow. Social signals are also important for search engine rankings, so if an article gets a lot of shares, this may help you rank better in SERPs for relevant searches.

    Bad Design

    Unless you have a background in web design you probably don’t want to design your website yourself. A badly designed website can drive people away before they’ve even looked at the content. Your website needs to look good, professional and clean. It’s not only looks that count though. Your site also needs to be designed to be user friendly, making it easy for a visitor to find the information they are looking for and providing a great reading experience.

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