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    Building links can prove to be quite a challenging process but it is usually worthwhile with great rewards in the long run. From the trends that emerged in 2012, it seems like people will have to put in more effort in 2013 to be successful. Below you will find 5 awesome link building strategies for 2013 that you can try out.

    Only use links from high quality sites

    You should get ready for an even bigger penguin rollout where more links will be detected as spam. This means that you will have to review and analyze backlinks profiles often paying close attention to pages with old cache dates, irrelevant titles, little content and external links as well as domains that attract little traffic. Using links from top notch sites is the only way that you will benefit from link building in the New Year.

    Guests posts

    Guest posting is among the 5 awesome link building strategies for 2013. You should be however careful on the sites where you post as you should only look for the sites that have solid traffic. It also helps to look for blogs that have similar niches as yours as this will also help to collect a list of relevant and informative articles. Take time to look for high quality blogs and request to feature as a guest blogger. You can write at least one or two articles a month over a period of 5 or 6 months.

    Be on the know how of what is happening around you

    You might not like to watch the news but it is important to know what is going on around you and all over the globe. You can contact journalists and new sites who specialize in the topic you are dealing with. You can also take advantage of a Help A Reporter Out (HARO) account. This will send you alert every time a journalist is looking for content on a specific topic. If the niche you are working on comes out the better for you. Come up with high quality content and don’t forget to add your name as you submit your thoughts.

    Find time for developing link baits

    Generating link baits is among the list of 5 awesome link building strategies for 2013. A link bait is when other sites will want to link to your content without you having to ask them. You can try and thank one of your partners or competitors by citing them and pray that they will also do the same when the time comes. Coming up with top notch and interesting content is a great link baiting trick. This means that you should try and include a “how to” tutorial or eBook that helps to solve problems in your niche.

    Set up alerts

    Come up with a buzz word that will help you to attract links. You can set up Google alerts so as to capture any mentions of the phrase, make sure you come up with something catchy that will attract loads of links.

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