• Tue, Jul 31, 2012

    Being a web designer is a lot like being a hairdresser – the work you do has to fit the client’s personality, and you have a lot of expectations to live up to while doing it. The company undergoing the re- design, much like a person undergoing a haircut, expects to see something new and innovative, that still matches their current style, and that ultimately has a positive impact on their image. The users of the site, kind of like the friends of the person getting their hair done, are expecting to see an improvement with what’s being presented to them. And the agency that the designer works for, similarly to the hair salon, is probably expecting professional and creative material from their employees that meets the client’s expectations to a tee. You might think this seems like a lot of pressure – and you’re right. It is. Luckily, website designers view it as an opportunity to stretch their creative muscles, in much the same way that hairdressers do. Plus, for web designers, fixing an error in web layout is a lot quicker than waiting for hair to grow back. So that’s a bonus.

    In general, website designers have a passion for detail, graphics, and design, so having the chance to put this passion into practice on a daily basis not only means that they spends their working life doing something they love, but it also means they are using their skills to help make others happy by re-creating an image of themselves that will give them a new sense of self and identity.

    An important part of the web design process is meeting with the client on a regular basis. This is necessary in order to gauge exactly what the client wants, and it serve as a basis for what the website designer must accomplish. After all, a hairdresser wouldn’t just start snipping away at a client’s hair before asking them exactly what they want, would they?  And they wouldn’t cut someone’s hair in front of a mirror if they didn’t want their continual feedback about how it looks. Well in the web design world, regular client meetings serve as the mirror. This is where the client can look at what’s been done so far and give their opinion on how well it reflects what they wanted, or what changes need to be made. In a business that depends so heavily on a client’s individual style or taste, their input is required throughout the whole process to ensure the final product is exactly how they want it.
    If a website designer works for an agency, he or she will meet with copywriters, art directors, and other creative specialists at that agency to brainstorm how they should go about designing the site. Once this process has been completed, they will get to work on drafting the layout of the site and animating it. If the designer works independently, he or she will brainstorm alone and then go to work on designing the site. What the designer comes up with at these stages is what they will show the client, and then revise it according to the client’s preference.

    Probably one the most important qualities a website designer should have, besides excellent design skills and a creative mindset, is the ability to listen. Like any good hair stylist worth sticking with, a web designer should listen to what the client wants without bringing their own opinion on how it should look into it just because they’re a “professional.” In both cases, you are providing a service, and the most valuable outcome is one where the client gets exactly what they want. It is then that a client will remember you and keep coming back – whether you designed their website or styled their hair.

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