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    There are a number of questions that any business has to ask themselves, one of which is whether to offer a diverse range of products and services, or to stick with one or two niche offerings. Both ways can have their advantages. Offering a range of services opens the doors to a more divers, and potentially larger, customer base; however, sticking with one or two services allows you to carve out a reputation as an expert in that area, giving you a more solid and stable customer base. If you run a website design agency, you’ve probably thought about this issue a lot. Should you just stick with designing websites, or should you branch out into print media, video production, and other related services? There is no easy answer, but there are considerations that can help you arrive at the best conclusion for your business.

    Website_Design_Agency_100520131108As a website design agency, there are many additional services you can take on that would complement your primary service. Many website design agencies choose to offer print design services, such as brochure printing, promotional signage creation, and business card and letterhead production. This has the potential to benefit your clients because now all of their marketing materials (print and web) will be coming from the same place, providing a more cohesive feel. Along those same lines, many website design agencies also choose to produce videos, animations, and other types of media. These are often incorporated right into the client’s website, so it can be a direct complement to your existing services giving them a more modern and cutting edge feel.

    The question is whether you are missing out by not providing these additional services. You understand the benefits of your website design agency providing additional services, but will you be losing out of you don’t? The truth is that you might lose some potential clients. There will always be clients who are looking to get as many services as possible from the same source. However, the important thing to remember is that even if you offered extra services, you might still lose these clients, as they might be expecting you to provide even more additional services! There will always be situations where you just can’t win. If you choose not to provide any additional services, it might be a good idea to establish relationships with companies who can provide the services that your clients are looking for. You can either refer our clients, or pay the other company yourself as a third party subcontractor, so that your client only has to deal with one account. This way, your client gets what they want without you having to spend your time on services that are out of your capabilities.

    Every business is different and has different goals. You must determine what the right direction is for your business and proceed accordingly. As a website design agency, you should only offer additional services if you can do them well. Make sure that your end goal is to provide your client with the highest quality work possible.

    This article was written by Shavon Browing, on behalf of Dburns Design, helping you take your business further with killer web designs. To know about tableless web design, you may also visit Wikipedia.

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