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    Buying a cPanel license from a distributor of cPanel is the first step for using this control panel system in the administrative area of your hosting server. cPanel license is provided as part of your hosting package as well. But obviously it depends upon the type of hosting you have chosen. cPanel license is generally needed when you have your own server. In case of buying a shared, VPS, reseller or dedicated hosting plan generally you do not need the hosting license as you do not own the server. So buying these hosting packages from hosting companies you are unlikely to get a cPanel license.

    All You Want to Know About cPanel LicensePurchasing a cPanel license what you can expect?

    While choosing a cheap cPanel license for your hosting, you have to pay a fee that can be payable either monthly or yearly basis. cPanel licenses can be bought directly from cPanel by paying  an annual fee or from an authorized cPanel distributor by paying a monthly or yearly license fee. By purchasing multiple licenses of both cPanel and WHM the hosting provider can be entitled to discount as well. Every reputed distributor provides extensive support to the customers purchasing both cPanel and WHM licenses from them.

    Is there anything like trial license?

    Yes, for new customers a trial version of cPanel license is provided. A 15-day trial license is provided to prospective and qualified customers. The only qualification needed for this trial license is that the IP address does not have a prior history of using cPanel license or trial license that have been issued earlier. Trial license will only be valid for duration of 15 days after which it will be expired automatically.

    Difference between cPanel Dedicated and VPS license

    The cPanel license for dedicated servers and VPS or virtual private servers differs in some aspects. While the cPanel dedicated license is installed on a server completely dedicated to one client cPanel VPS license is for virtualized server catering to many hosting clients at the same time. By having WHM optimized license for VPS you can further optimize the memory utilization on the server and boost server side performance to several notches.

    Number of cPanel accounts served by 1 cPanel license

    1 cPanel license can serve unlimited number cPanel accounts.  cPanel license is issued per server basis and so you need 1 cPanel license for a server but each license and server can serve unlimited number of hosting accounts.

    System requirements for cPanel license

    Buying a cPanel license, you need to go through some technical considerations as well. The most important of these is the system requirement.  Bare minimum system requirements for cPanel license are as mentioned below.

      Processor: 266 MHz

      RAM: 512 MB

      HDD: 20 GB

    Remember, the above mentioned is the minimum requirement and for a better performance, speed, adaptability and room for more domains you need higher system capacity than what mentioned above. Especially, for running multiple domains you need more memory space and processing speed than the so called specified minimum requirements.

    Compatible software for cPanel

    cPanel is compatible with an array of operating systems, virtual environments and software including the following.

      Linux-VServer

      Microsoft Server 2008 Hyper-V

      KVM

      Red Hat Enterprise Linux versions 5.x and 6.x

      Oracle VM VirtualBox, VirtualBox OSE

      CloudLinux 5.x and 6.x

      VMware Server, VMware ESX Server

      Xen, XenEneterprise, XenServer, Xen Experess

      OpenVZ

      CentOS versiosn 5.x and 6.x

    Dealing with error with cPanel License

    Getting an error with cPanel license is not an uncommon fact. Getting messages that says that the server is currently not licensed has been experienced by many clients. This can happen particularly in cases where the license has not been automatically renewed.

    Reputed cPanel distributors can address the problem promptly and resolve the issue in just seconds. In getting such message it is advisable to contact the technical support team. Most hosting companies having round the clock support can take care of such issues in minutes and restore the license. In communication regarding error message they may need primary domain name and few other information for the express purpose of identifying your account.

    Transferring active license from another provider

    Many clients think whether transferring their active license from one service provider to another is possible or not, unless the license tenure comes to an end. The answer is, you can transfer an active license from one service provider to your preferred one anytime and for that you do not need to wait for the license to expire. As long as there is no issues with the earlier provider related to billing, the license will be transferred smoothly from one provider to the other.

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