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    When you become a parent, life changes significantly. From time to time, you may even sit around with your own parents and talk about the way life has changed. When you were a small child, the world did not depend so strongly on the internet. However, today’s generation does. Internet slang is now part of conversational vocabulary and we no longer need to take the time to learn things because Google or Youtube can teach us everything we want to know. Kids tend to spend a lot of time online for one reason or another. The thing about the internet, however, is that there is so much out there. If you do not want your child reading things with cuss words or vulgarity in them, you may not even know that they are. However, recently, there have been many debates about internet censoring. There are decent arguments for and against censorship, so here is what you should know.

    What is Censoring?

    Do you watch TV? If you do, you will see that some shows bleep out dirty words and swear words so that you do not have to hear them. Some TV shows pixelate nudity so you don’t have to see it and you can even put a parental block on your TV these days. Internet censorship is very similar. When things are censored on the internet, they are done in similar ways. When your children are listening to music that may have previously contained explicit content, the world is either silenced out or it is changed with a more appropriate word. There is also such a thing as social censorship, which means that our children are protected from viewing pornographic websites, gay and lesbian sites, sites that promote the use of illegal or street drugs, gambling websites, sites that encourage violence, sites with hate speech on them and sites that bash a religion.

    Why Censoring is Important

    Censoring is important because the internet is such a huge place. There is never any knowing what your child could see or hear online by mistake. It is important for the internet to use censoring because all children are innocent when they are brought into the world. They do not deserve to be corrupted by those people lacking decency and morals. Our children should not be subjected to filth or pornography, dirty language or hate speech. Besides, that is not why the internet was invented in the first place.

    Some people feel very strongly about internet censorship while others feel that it takes away our rights. We all need to remember that the internet should be a safe place for everyone. Some sites should remain adult sites and some sites should remain children’s sites. However, our children should not in any way be subjected to the hate speech or the filth that is out there. Many people lack morals and will say that censorship is taking away our rights, but it’s not. It is protecting the innocence of the nation.

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