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    Hiring a pro for important design projects like high profile brand imagery, websites, and company logos is important if you want your business to stand out from the competition. When looking for freelance graphic designers in Los Angeles, you need to look for a designer who has a variety of skills and experience of working on different projects.

    With so many freelance graphic designers out there, it can be a daunting task to choose the right one. We are providing you some important tips so that your search for the right graphic designer starts on the right foot.

    Understand What You Want from the Graphic Designer

    Graphic design is more than images and fonts clubbed up together.  A good graphic design can boost your brand image substantially and help your business reach new heights. Just like any other skill or profession, graphic design also has some specialties including corporate presentations, magazine layouts, marketing materials, product packaging, illustrations, clothing designs and much more.

    The graphic designers you choose should be able to create visuals that convey the right message to the audience that will generate inquiries and lead to increase sales. In order to ensure the visual communication is successful, you need to have a clear brief in mind and understand what you want from the graphic designer. Only then you can get make the visual communication work for you.

    Write a Job Post That Attracts Your Dream Designer

    Once you have written a clear brief of your design project, you need to concentrate on writing an attractive job post that attracts talented freelance graphic designers in Los Angeles. You need to write a detailed job post that leaves no room for misinterpretation or guesswork. Some of the important things that should be in your job post are:

    · Who You Are – give information about yourself, the company and the niche of your business. Also, include some background information that will help the graphic designer get a feel of your business.

    · Details of the Project – give a clear outline of the work that needs to be done such as designing a logo, business card design, website, or billboard advertising design. This will allow the freelancer to understand the work that is expected from him/her and determine whether he/she has the skills and experience to bid for the project.

    Review Portfolios

    Most designers will provide a link to their portfolios in order to strengthen their bids. While reviewing portfolios, pay interest to any individual piece that interests you. Naturally, your design project would be totally different but reviewing their portfolios will help you understand their approach and style of work.

    Every graphic designer has a different style of work. Reviewing their portfolios will also help you determine whether the graphic designer’s style suits your project. While reviewing their portfolio, ask them about their part in the project and the design process they follow. Get an idea about their way of interaction with the team and how they work with design choices they don’t agree with.

    Determine your Budget

    Whether you are working on a project in-house or working on a project for a client, you need to determine the overall budget for that design project. The cost of hiring a graphic designer varies, which depends on the skills and the experience the designer has.

    Determine how critical or important the design project is for your organization? Based on the importance of the project be ready to extend the budget to hire the best freelance graphic designer.

    Set Expectations Upfront

    Set basic parameters such as the work hours, payment schedule, expected response time for emails before finalizing any graphic designer. Make a list of all design work that needs to be done with clear instructions. Try providing visual examples for design items so that the graphic designer understands your expectations about every creative piece.

    Working Together

    Don’t expect a perfect first draft even when you have selected the best graphic designer from the list.  Discovering what works for your business will take time and you should develop a feedback cycle that will help the designer produce better results. Having patience is important as everyone is going through a growing phase including you and the graphic designer (www.wisegeek.org/what-does-a-graphic-designer-do.htm).

    If you want to hire freelance graphic designer, you need to research and know your exact needs. Then you need to scan through several portfolios until you have found a right graphic designer with whom you can build a lasting and successful partnership.

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