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    The “information age” is a term that has been used to describe the revolutionary way in which the Internet and digital media have transformed society.  With the Internet at a person’s fingertips, information for almost any topic can be found, or can it? There are over 234 billion websites online and over 126 billion blogs. The amount of information out there is staggering. For any person or business trying to make their mark on the world having a website with information that keeps and engages readers is important. Content writers help make this happen.

    Content writers essentially write content for various websites and blogs. So long as the topic isn’t promoting something illegal or unsafe, writers are able to write about almost any topic out there.  While not every website or blog uses content writers, more and more are. People who own a business and/or run a company can be very busy. They might know that having an online presence is importance, but they might not have the time, the patience, or the knowledge to make their website stand out from the millions of other websites on the Internet. Just as a company would hire a professional to design an ad campaign, or to create a logo for their business, hiring a professional to create content for a website can help give a great first impression for readers—and a lasting impression as well.

    Some people may be wondering if hiring a writer for a website is even necessary. After all most people can write, right? Well yes, but not everyone can write well. Most people can speak, but not everyone is destined to be a public speaker. Similarly not everyone who can write is destined to be a professional writer. Content writers are professionals, and they are paid to write high-quality, well-written content for websites and blogs. Often these writers work or freelance for a professional content writing company. The company will be able to go through all articles and work with writers and editors to ensure that each article is well written and edited, and is free of grammatical, mechanical and stylistic errors. The company will also be able to ensure that each article fits with the style of writing that the website or company would like, whether it’s technical, creative or another style. The stress and pressure of trying to create and run a great website will be alleviated because the content for the website will provided at the best quality possible.

    Hiring content writers is also important because writing for the Internet is much different than writing for traditional print sources. There are over 1.9 billion people using the Internet, and each person will visit over 2600 websites every month. Online writing is usually shorter and more easily digestible to help grab and keep the attention of the reader. Websites are also a multimedia platform, so writers may also need to provide relevant graphics and/or images to go along with their articles. Content writers need to be multifaceted in the digital world to provide content for a variety of topics.

    Anyone can start a website, but not every website is going to get noticed. With the thousands of websites and blogs starting every day, it’s easy for a website to get lost in the masses. Having a good quality website starts with the barebones, which includes having great content for the website. Content writers are professionals, skilled in working in an online multimedia environment to provide content for a wide variety of websites and companies, regarding a wide variety of topics. Professional writing companies will be able to provide content writers and editors to write content that it is not just well written, but written to keep people interested in coming back to the website again and again.

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