• Tue, Jul 31, 2012

    If a company were a person, the brand image would be its face. This is what the public sees and relates to.  This is where an emotional attachment is formed. In a person, their eyes are said to be the mirror to their soul. With a company, the brand acts as the company’s face, and contains the mirror into its underlying soul and values. If the public can’t view this mirror into what the company is all about, it’s kind of like not being able to look into someone’s eyes and see the real person inside. The connection with the person is hindered because there is nothing to grasp onto. Similarly, if clients of a company can’t see its brand image, they are far less likely to identify with or attach to that company, and therefore will probably take their business elsewhere. Since no company wants that, the best way to present your company’s face to the public is by designing a website that really reflects the company’s values, while at the same time catching the client’s eye.  There is no better way to do this than by hiring a website design firm that really knows what it’s doing.

    More importantly, however, you should hire a website design firm that gets what your company is about and understands the qualities you want to convey to your clientele. After all, if you were an actress moving to L.A. to find a role, you would get a makeover by someone who understands what you want and makes up your face accordingly. Likewise, if you were a Hollywood casting agency, you would hire a website designer that specializes in glitzy and glamorous web designs that will get you noticed and will convey the quality of talent that your company is looking for.
    The easiest way to find a website design firm that suits your company is to do your research. You should start by looking up the design firm’s web presence. Is their website easy to use, and is it easy to find the information you require? Do their designs, graphics, animation, and formatting reflect what you would like on your website? Is everything accessible and consistent?  Are contact information and work samples available?

    Once you pick a website design firm that you like, you should make sure you tell them exactly what it is you want. It is necessary to meet with the designer before the process begins, as well as several times during the process. You should tell the designer exactly what your company does, what they value, who the clients are, what information you want on the site, the deadline you want the site completed by, and your budget. This is the best way to get the final product that you want to present to the online world.

    It’s important to remember that, just like with a person, it is the soul and values of a company underneath that count. Dressing up the public presence by hiring a website design firm is what we do to attract people initially so that they’ll get to know the personality behind the face of the company. That can only be beneficial for attracting both loyal friends and loyal customers in the end.

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