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    Blogs are now an important part of a company or a business’ image. It is supposedly the fun part of the business. The blog is where the business owner or the company lets customers know the human faces behind the scenes. They offer information and help current and prospective customers understand what the business entails.

    This is why each business is expected to have a custom blog design; something which is unique to that business alone. Since not everyone can come with a custom blog design out of thin air, they approach web design agencies that help them come up with a design and execute it.

    Here is a little questionnaire with one such custom blog designer. He gives us a little insight into the whole custom blog design world:

    Question1: Why are custom blog designs so important?

    Jay: Well, blogs have been turned into marketing tools now. They are a great source of knowledge for your customers, and they can be pretty fun to read. Also, blogs can lead customers back to your main website. You get traffic this way and more business.

    Q2: How would you pick a web design agency?

    Jay: Research. That is what I would start with. I would make a list of all the companies that are making great custom blog designs; I would ask for quotes and I would ask for contact details of their former customers. Then, I would make a decision.

    Q3: What are the features of a good custom blog design?

    Jay: first of all, it should be clean. No cluttering of the blog with all sorts of ads and designs. Don’t be too generic. Include your logo on the blog. If you don’t have one, then get one created.

    The blog is for the reader as much as it is for you. Make sure the reader has a good experience. Make navigation simple. The information has to be provided in good grammatical-error free manner. When you are writing content, keep SEO in mind. It’s important.

    Q4: What is SEO?

    Jay: That stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is one of the reasons custom blog design became so popular. The better your content, the better the use of keywords, and the better your rankings will be in the search engines.

    Q5: How does the design process work?

    Jay: We take note of the ideas and needs of the customer, take a look at his website- if he has one- and then start coming up with ideas. The blog design and the website design must resemble each other, they cannot be too different. We try to come up with two or three designs so that the customer has choice. When he or she has made a choice, then we set upon improving that design, until it is perfect and the customer is a happy clam.

    Interviewer: Jay, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer these questions. Your answers will definitely shed some light on custom blog designs for business out there.

    Jay: No problem, it was my pleasure. If anybody out there wants a custom blog design, you know what to do.

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