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    When you publish a website you are promoting yourself and your business to the entire world, just like millions of other businesses and individuals who currently have webpages. You need to find a way to make your page stand out from the rest, to get it noticed and for it to be the page that people go to above millions of others. It needs to be unique but also incredibly user friendly.

    Try More than One Design

    Try and make a mock up of how you want your page to look before you jump in or try twiddling with html code, a rough sketch showing the layout and the colours you want is fine. This gives you a starting point a basic design which you can adapt and manipulate to get the look and functionality that you want. Ask for input from your friends, research current internet and website trends and look for new design tools that you can use. Draw up several drafts of your basic design so that you compare and contrast before making your final decision.

    Make Your Site User Friendly

    Despite you making a website to suit your own style and tastes you are also making a site that is hopefully going to be used by millions of people, so you need to consider the general internet user when you are designing your site too. Knowing what it is that the users want and what makes them happy when they use a site, will help you when it comes to you putting your site together. You need to ensure that the site that you create is not only attractive to the eye it also needs to be easily readable, have a high standard of information and text and where applicable good animation and pleasant audio.

    Use the Right Formats in Your Design

    When it comes to placing images on your site, make sure that you upload them in the right format for a web page. GIFS and JPEGS are the best kinds of files to use for photographic images and GIFS and PNG files should be used for graphic elements such as logos, banners and screenshots. A PNG file offers the ability to use Alpha Transparency, which means that you can use your graphic image over the top of any other graphic element without it looking messy or unprofessional.

    The internet is a great place to look for tools to help you design the perfect website, and making your site can be great fun as you learn about all of the different elements that make a webpage work. Take your time, do your research and find a set of tools that you find easy to operate and that you can work with, leave and come back to without forgetting how they work. Always remember that before you actually publish your site you can spend as long as you need to tweak and perfect you page, and then even when it does go live you can still make tweaks should you notice any glitches.

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