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    Content management systems (CMS) play a major role in website management by determining the way content is uploaded, edited and managed on a website. They also decide the overall look and feel of a website, thus influencing factors such as traffic and profitability on a commercial website. Hence, the choice of CMS must be made very carefully such that your wants and needs are met. A lot of factors such as cost, functionality, flexibility and security must be considered while making this choice.

    DotNetNuke, based on Microsoft .NET is one of the most popular content management systems. It is a free and open source platform that is widely preferred by a number of website developers. In this article we will convince you why DNN development is one of the best content management systems for a commercial website. We shall list out the platform’s many advantages and briefly discuss its capabilities and functionalities as an efficient CMS.

    Advantages of DotNetNuke Platform.

    1. User-friendliness

    A CMS is expected to be very user-friendly, offering an easy to use and understand interface, effortless navigation, robust rich text editors and more. DotNetNuke offers a consistent user-interface across all of its administrative fields and makes it very easy for one to navigate from one administrative field to another. The content editor provided by the platform is a real-time editor which allows the developer to view the changes as and when they are made, without having to be redirected every time.

    2. Extremely Extensible

    Apart from its user-friendly nature, DotNetNuke is also popular for its extremely extensible features. Being an open source framework and having an extensible three-tier architecture model, the capabilities of the platform can be expanded immensely using third-party applications and modules. Thus, when a commercial website uses DNN as its CMS, it is possible to explore the site’s new and untapped potentials, install new web applications and realize any aesthetic appeal that the website owner wants.

    3. Best Technical Support

    Anything can go wrong in website management and the stakes are generally high when we are talking about a commercial website. Uninterrupted technical support is very much essential in such circumstances and the DNN Corporation ensures that the best technical support is provided to its customers. Since the platform is open source, technical help can also be availed from many Good Samaritan partners who selflessly work for the betterment of the DNN ecosystem.

    4. Numerous Features

    Everybody wants the best for their money and DotNetNuke ensures that you get the worth of every penny you pay. The platform includes ample number of features that are essential for the operation of a commercial website. Email marketing, advertising management, document management, user management, blog management etc. can be easily performed using the features DotNetNuke provides.

    Eight Reasons Why DNN is The Best CMS for Commercial Websites

    5. Security Options

    Most of the popular content management systems require a third party application for their security. These third party applications are never reliable and also bring in additional overhead. However, DotNetNuke has an in-built security model that provides a secure atmosphere for the operation of CMS. Using these security options it is possible to provide each user group with specific permissions and log-in credentials.

    6. Speedier Website

    Loading speed plays a major role in determining the traffic and profitability of a commercial website. If the website is too slow, visitors will be discouraged to perform the actions you expect from them. Using DotNetNuke can prove to be an added advantage in this regard, as it ensures that the web pages load quickly and stay light.

    7. Best for Intranet Applications

    If you own more than one commercial website or planning to run an intranet application for the organization’s internal communication, DotNetNuke is the CMS to go for. Its portal based architecture makes it very easy to run multiple sites or intranet applications on a single DNN installation, thus reducing cost and maintenance.

    8. Popularity

    Lastly, you should choose DotNetNuke simply for its popularity. Nearly 700,000 websites all around the world use DotNetNuke as their content management systems. This includes many biggies such as NASA, Verizon and Cornell University. There is no way 700,000 sites can make a mistake in choosing their CMS! DNN is indeed a trustworthy and established content management system that has powered the internet for decades and will continue to do so.

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