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    In the world of web hosting, cPanel is the most reliable and most used control panel. It is said that every 6 seconds, a website domain is created in this world using a cPanel server and every 14.5 seconds, a cPanel hosting account is created online. cPanel is a web hosting control panel that provides various automation tools and graphical interfaces to manage the web servers on which the websites are hosted on. The interface and tools provided can be used to create and manage various hosting accounts, email accounts, passwords, domains, sub-domains etc. in an easy and simple manner. All these features offered by cPanel must be secured by cPanel licenses and there are many types of cPanel licenses depending upon the type of web server on which a particular site is hosted on. Before understanding what’s a cPanel VPS license, one needs to know what a VPS is and what are the advantages of Everything about VPS servers and cPanel VPS LicenseVPS hosting (www.wikihow.com/Get-VPS-Hosting-for-Your-Website) over a dedicated hosting.

    Broadly speaking there are two kinds of web servers, dedicated and shared. While dedicated servers have only one website hosted, shared servers have many websites hosted within. Large business corporations with many high-profile operations often have to manage websites that incur high traffic and host a lot of customer accounts. Especially e-commerce sites which have a large number of visitors cannot afford to have any loopholes when it comes to downtime and security issues. Hence such sites which require a lot of attention and resources are hosted on a single, dedicated server that’s exclusively private for that site alone. Thus, by assigning a dedicated team to the web and server management of the site, the companies ensure that the site is up and running 24×7 without any glitches, lag or downtime. However, small business websites which don’t face high traffic issues nor have too many accounts or domains to handle can host their sites on a shared server along with other websites. However, since a single server is hosting multiple sites, there are great maintenance risks such as unequal distribution of power and resources, unprecedented traffic surge from one of the sites and so on. A virtual private server is the one that comes between the two i.e. a dedicated private server and a shared server. It combines the good features of both these hosting methods and seems to be the most ideal hosting technique for a small business site which stills needs a lot of maintenance and uptime. Though a VPS shares its RAM and memory with many shared website accounts, a portion of this time and memory is dedicated to each specific account, thus offering the privacy and flexibility of a dedicated server. Now that we know the advantages of hosting a website on a virtual private server (VPS), let’s dwell into knowing how to buy a cPanel VPS license, which is very essential in the server and web management of a site hosted on a VPS.

    • While a single cPanel dedicated license which covers all the accounts is sufficient for a dedicated server, one needs multiple cPanel VPS licenses for multiple partitions of a VPS server. Further, each partition can host multiple accounts, domains and sub-domains using its respective VPS license, depending on the system resources and configuration. One must also note that only one type of license is allowed per server. Hence you cannot mix a dedicated and VPS license on one a single server.

    • cPanel offers cPanel licenses on a yearly basis whereas there are other cPanel license providers who give out licenses on weekly and monthly basis, as per the requirement of the hosted website. Also these independent license providers give out quality licenses for cheaper prices as well. Hence, before buying a cPanel VPS license, assess your needs, budget and the time duration for which you would be needing a cPanel VPS license for your VPS web hosting server.

    Once you activate your cPanel VPS license, keep an eye on its expiration and constantly keep it updated to avoid any server problems which can attract undue losses.

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