• Sun, Aug 5, 2012

    When we see movies like The Social Network or read blogs like Go Fug Yourself, it seems like easy money can be made by anyone with an internet connection and an imagination.  One of the ways people try to cash in on the Internet is to start their own website design agency.  Since anyone can advertise as a website designer, it is important for you, the potential client, to distinguish the professionals from the opportunists.

    There are three things your website design agency should be able to do for you:

    1.    Design a website that drives consumer traffic to your place of business, be that solely online or online with an additional physical location.

    2.    Provide hosting services (the “home” of your website) or at the very least, be knowledgeable enough about the industry to direct you to a website hosting service that suits your needs.

    3.    Finally, a professional website design agency will have a diverse portfolio and references from a variety of clients.

    When searching for a website design agency, point number three is of the utmost importance.  An agency that lacks in skill will use a standard template for the bulk of their designs.  A professional agency will be able to conceptualize the needs of each client and provide a design that is specific to the client’s industry.
    Choosing a website design agency is a vital part of your marketing strategy.  Always do your due diligence when looking for a website agency.  Avoid the people looking to make a quick buck online and work with the designers that have your, not just their own, best interests in mind.

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