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    <head>META META META META… </head>


    Building your own website, eh? On what, paper?

    A layout grid?

    Logo here

    Photo here

    Text here

    Menu navigation buttons over here

    Scrolling text here… scrolling text?!? This is a website, not the stock exchange!

    Ah, well, what you sketch is what you hope for– Now what?

    So you know you want a website, in fact, you need a website, but you don’t know quite what goes into one do you? These days who doesn’t do web design? Isn’t it part of like, early grade school curriculum? The three ‘R’s have transformed into ‘P’s now—Produce, Proofread, and Post (though some might argue not enough people are proofreading what they produce before they post). What kind o f lumbering dinosaur are you? The kind that needs the guidance that a website design company can provide. Now, close that body tag and the html document and we’ll get you all set before your launch date. Launch date. Sounds like NASA, doesn’t it? Relax, it won’t be all that nerdy tech talk buzzwords—foreign language alien tongues—Gaa! Just what kind of creatures out there inhabit cyberspace?!?!

    You—you inhabit cyberspace. You have a digital footprint, and you might not always know what you’ve just stepped in—think you’ll have to visit the security dep’t and get scanned – (“he’s clean!”)

    Okay, good. Step right in to the office here—want a drink? No no, nothing alcoholic here—not until you’re satisfied with the product that this website design company will deliver for you. Want to meet the team that will pull together all the elements your website requires? Starting with the project team leader; he is a real efficient organizer, resource delegator, and team cheerleader.  Here’s the designer and her assistant. They oversee the functionality and aesthetics. Started out as coders and still like to dabble in html though they swear by dhtml and CSS. Oh, here’s the writer. This researcher and documents expert, will be in contact with you in order to round up and flesh out all the relevant on-screen content.  The best set of eyeballs on the planet of course, resides in our multimedia guy’s head. As the Photoshop wizard—he’s expanding his skill set into audio and video editing too, though there’s an animation department here on staff who can make magic happen on those cool bells and whistles. Yeah, a fully staffed website design company has a huge roster of talented individuals, all experts in their fields, and they work together to help out each other, contributing ideas, double checking code and links, debugging software,  etc… there’s just so much to do that a one person crew can’t do it alone in a reasonable amount of time. That’s one of the bigger benefits of coming to a website design company—a good job done in good time. Marketing? That’s covered too. The marketing gurus we have are all on top of the social media outlets. I must brag, we stay just a little bit ahead of the trends, and if we’re lucky around here—we start those trends.

    None of those cookie-cutter web templates around here! No,—only custom work, approved by the customer. So, can we help you today with your idea for an expertly designed, rendered, and tested website to vastly improve your business’ on-line image?  We’ll take your sketched ideas and screen storyboards and present you with the finished site that will be viewable in all platforms, from desktops to tablets and Smartphones. Everyone will soon see your website, optimized, not supersized. That’s what a website design company can do for you.

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