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    Gone are the days when you had to wait for minutes for websites to load. Now many of us have high-speed internet connections in our homes, offices and wherever we go. So there is no excuse for slow website speeds.

    Optimized site load speed makes the user experience seamless and restricts visitors from going to competitors’ websites instead.

    But web performance is not only about loading speed. Many other nitty-gritty things could impact performance. You don’t have to worry about those when you take help from good web design companies Atlanta. However, you should stay informed about all the processes. And that’s the objective of this article.

    Below we share four ways you can improve your website performance, leading to increased conversions, high customer retention, and improved visibility on Google search results.

    1 Choose the Right Hosting Provider

    Every hosting provider offers a different baseline performance out of the box. Furthermore, you cannot compare the performance of shared plans with dedicated server plans.

    But you need to go for a web host that provides good performance across the board. Of course, every provider will claim to be the best and is the fastest. But do not just rely on their words.

    Compare the features and charges and look out for reviews before you make the final decision.

    Although you can always switch to a different provider, that comes with a lot of challenges. If you go for the exemplary service and web hosting plan, your site would be blazing fast right from the start.

    2 Improve Your Message and Site Navigation

    One of the best ways to improve your website performance is to increase the time users spend on your website. And one of the best ways to do it is by making your central message easily visible on your website.

    Make sure your homepage delivers the central message and then route to the internal landing pages that best serve the needs of your visitors.

    Take the example of the Zappos.com homepage. They use brief copy and large fonts and offer clear paths to the appropriate internal pages (“faux and fabulous,” “Dresses for all Occasions,” etc.).

    Doing these may sound like a Herculean task. So, it’s better to take help from web design companies in Atlanta.

    3 Create Effective Landing Pages

    You need a landing page to receive the traffic generated by your marketing campaigns. Then, it helps you convert that traffic into actions, such as signup, download, phone call, or even a sale. To do that, you need to make your landing page compelling enough.

    Start with offering value-added content. To ensure your message is effective enough to convert visitors into customers, you have to provide information that solves the problems or addresses the needs of your target audience.

    Another thing you need to focus on is calls to action. Do not forget to offer visitors the tools to take the next step, whether requesting more information or making a purchase.

    If you want them to purchase immediately, give them a large “Buy Now” button.

    Long story short, the action you want your visitors to take, ensure that’s easy enough for them to take that action.

    Good web design companies in Atlanta can help you set these things up quickly.

    4 Track Your Results

    Web analytics can help you address some crucial questions such as:

    ● What kind of traffic is your site getting?

    ● What is the source of your traffic?

    ● What is your bounce rate?

    ● How much time are visitors spending on your website?

    ● What is the last page most of the visitors visit before leaving your website?

    Surprisingly, most small business owners do not have any clue as to how to answer such questions.

    When you don’t track visitors’ behavior, you miss the opportunity to make adjustments to enhance your business. So don’t make that mistake.

    You can easily find such information with free services like Google Analytics. You can quickly install it on your own or take the help of experienced web design companies in Atlanta.

    You can then access crucial data and insights that will help you improve your website performance and grow your business.

    Do you have any questions? Please feel free to leave your comments below.

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