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    There is a misconception that that search engine optimization is all about keywords and content.

    But do you know Wilmingto web design plays a crucial role in boosting a site’s search ranking too?

    You may need to take the help of designers specialized in web design West Chester though but below we have compiled a list of four design rules that you must read to learn how such tweaks can take you top of search results.

    1. Make Site Navigation Search Engine Friendly

    Site Navigation is an important part of the website design. It is more than the top menu that appears on your website. The navigation determines how the users can access different parts of your site. And it is not limited to text links or designed templates on your site but can play an important role in creating awareness of additional services.

    Your site should be well-structured. The navigation should work with the URLs, XML sitemaps, and other components of the site structure. Focus on user experience when designing site navigation. Here are some signs of search engine friendly site navigation.

    · Fixed Scrolling Bars

    A fixed scrolling bar is always better than options with a navigation bar interface. When you use this design element, the navigation appears fixed on the screen, either horizontally or vertically. It follows the choice of the user and does not disappear in between.

    · Don’t Use Too Many Options

    The principle of good web design is less is more. You should avoid offering too many options in menus. Web crawlers find it hard to decipher the content. Too many sub-menus create silos and make it difficult for the crawlers to identify subpages correctly. If possible avoid submenus altogether.

    2. Use SEO Friendly URLs

    SEO friendly URLs refer to URLs that meet the needs of searchers and users. A design company specialized in web design, West Chester can help make your URLs short and keyword-rich that makes them SEO friendly. Here are some tips you can implement.

    · Use the Right Keywords

    Select the right keywords, and include them in the URLs. The best strategy to follow is to use keywords that describe the page content. For example, you have a liquor business and sell a variety of wines.

    3. Mobile-Friendly Design

    As per 2019 mobile data, there are around 4 billion mobile users. The February 2019 survey results showed 49% of the web pages’ views are from mobile devices. This clearly shows the importance of mobile devices. This means you need to give equal importance to mobile layouts when considering SEO optimized design.

    Just having a responsive design is not enough. Your website needs to have a truly mobile-friendly design to help access on devices with a small screen. The focus should be on maximizing results for mobile search. Some of the important considerations are:

    · Simpler Menus

    Mobiles have smaller screens and you need to keep this aspect in mind while designing the menu options. You might want to have larger menus to give more options to the user but it does not work well on smaller screens.

    If you have larger menus, users have to zoom out to know the different options. This can be cumbersome and destroys good user experience. You need to focus on building menus that fit on one screen

    · Short forms

    If you are asking for information, keep the forms short. It is not an effective approach to ask extensive information. Only ask for the required information. For example, if you are asking them to subscribe to emails, ask for their email address. You don’t need their home address.

    4. Image Optimization

    Good website design is incomplete without good images. Image optimization refers to the practice of reducing file size without sacrificing the quality of images. It helps with faster page loading which search engine factors in while ranking a site.

    SEO friendly design can boost site ranking and help you capture high-quality leads and increase sales. And a designer specialized in web design in West Chester is your best bet to make that happen.

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