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    A lot of skill and expertise is required to design a law firm website that will work. Nowadays, users have very low attention spans and if your website design doesn’t hold their interest, then you will be in a spot of bother.

    On the other hand, effective website design can be like a breath of fresh air for your practice. It can firmly establish your web presence and draw in potential clients.

    You will need to hire an experienced and competent web design agency and work together to achieve the desired results.

    Here are some lawyer website design tips.

    Have a Compelling Appearance

    Your website must make a good impression. Choose a color combination that best represents you and your law firm. Use visuals in a way that would motivate potential clients to get in touch with you.

    Generally, themes symbolic of power, professionalism, and security in law firm websites are most common. Some law firm websites strive to make it a stress-free experience for their clients. Sometimes themes are decided by the service areas in which the law firm operates.

    Also, your logo and law firm name should be prominently displayed. And add sufficient contrast so that the various segments of your website are easily identifiable.

    Add an original tagline

    Brainstorm for an original tagline that would appeal to your target audience. Put yourself in the shoes of your clients and use empathy when you craft a tagline. Address their needs.

    If you can, propagate your unique selling proposition through your tagline. Give your clients a reason to choose you.

    Prominently display your list of services

    There should be a match between the legal services that you are offering and the services that visitors are looking for. If they can immediately know that you offer the services they are looking for then they will be more interested in staying on your website.

    The list of services can be displayed on the homepage with a separate page carrying more information for each service area or you can simply link to a service page where all the areas of practice will be detailed. Whatever you do, make sure visitors can locate them easily.

    Make sure the website is user friendly

    Your lawyer website design must be easy to navigate. Visitors should not lose interest midway. You will need to optimize your site with SEO but try to keep your main navigation free of unnecessary links.

    Also, make sure that the content is structured and easy to read. Do not make it text-heavy. Explain your points as simply as possible. Minimize distractions like popups and make them easy to manage. Don’t force visitors into signing up for newsletters or watching videos.

    Your website should have a responsive design, which means it will resize according to the screen size of the device it is viewed on. Also, check the speed of the website.

    Use a popular CMS like WordPress

    A content management system (CMS) such as WordPress, allows you to continuously add and update the content of your website. And you don’t need to have developer knowledge or take the help of a webmaster for that.

    According to a report, WordPress dominates Google search engine result pages with 2.28 billion results.

    Add tools to your website

    You will need to employ digital marketing efforts at some time for your law firm website. Analytics is an important aspect of digital marketing. When your website is being designed, set up tools such as email capture forms.

    Add links to your social media profiles

    Add your social media links to your website. Keep them simple and accessible to encourage your visitors to connect easily with you on their favorite social media platforms. This way your brand will grow.

    Add a clear call to actions (CTAs)

    Your law firm website should have clear CTAs. Some people may prefer picking up their phones and giving you a call while others may choose to get in touch with you through a contact form.

    Make sure that visitors don’t have to search for phone numbers and contact forms should be simple to fill up.

    Lawyer website design is of utmost importance. Invest your time and money on it. Do you’ve any questions?

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