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    You need professional graphic design to connect with customers and gain an edge over competitors. And if you want to hire freelance graphic designer to do the job but don’t know much about graphic design, this article should help you.

    Where to Begin

    Before you start interviewing the prospective graphic designer, you should create an outline to define the objectives of the freelance graphic design project and the skills and qualities that you need in your graphic designer.

    Share Your Expectation and Goals

    To ensure the freelance graphic designer creates designs for maximum engagement, you need to share maximum information about the design project. The creative brief should include objectives of the project, details of your company, and specific qualifications you desire in the ideal candidate.

    Don’t forget to mention project deadlines and any upfront creative obstacles that potential graphic designer would encounter. All this will help potential candidates get better understanding of the freelance graphic design project and determine if they meet your expectations before sending their proposals.

    Know the Essential Skills Required

    The word “graphic design” is a very broad term and it applies to a wide range of creative work like marketing materials, logos, letterheads, flyers, catalogs, books, and many other types of graphic design work.

    To select the right freelance graphic designer, you need to have a good understanding of different types of designers and the relevant skill sets. For example, if you want to create logos, marketing materials, you need to look for freelance graphic designers knowledgeable about design software like Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign.

    If you want to create blog templates or landing pages for websites, you need to look for graphic designers with knowledge of Illustrator, HTML/CSS, wireframing and Dreamweaver.

    Find More About Their Creative Thinking Process

    Graphic design is a creative work that starts with creative thinking. Not every graphic designer will think same and this is what makes the graphic design unique.

    To narrow down potential candidates, you can ask them something unexpected about any design during the interview process.  For example, you can give them old graphic design or a logo and ask how they could have done it differently. The answer to such questions will give you insights into their creative thinking process.

    Explain Your Target Audience Clearly

    You don’t create graphic designs for the sake of it; the visual designs need to connect with your audience. Your graphic designer needs to understand your target audience so that he/she can figure out what your target audience would think when they look at a flyer, package or any design related to your brand.

    The designer needs to create visual designs that can communicate clearly and your audience is able to understand what the visuals say. Companies cater to a wide range of audiences. The younger folks might be interested in new things while older audience or corporate clients may not be interested in cool and crazy designs.

    The design has nothing to do what the designer wants; it’s all about what your audience wants. Hence, you need to explain your target audience clearly to the freelance graphic designer.

    Start with a Trial Project

    The interview might not be enough to gauge the candidate perfectly. Before selecting any graphic designer, give him/her a trail project which can be completed in a few hours. The trial project can be anything like touch up for an older project or a small logo strategy. The trial project will present your opportunity to assess graphic designer’s talent more precisely. Once you are satisfied with the result, you can award the project to the freelance graphic designer and discuss the milestones and payment terms for the project.

    Selecting a graphic designer is more than looking at the resume. There are several things that can be only known by following the tips given above. The steps to selecting the right graphic designer start from reviewing the resume and ends with the output of the trial project that shows whether the candidate is all you wanted to be.

    How do you select a freelance graphic designer for your project? Please feel free to leave your comments below.

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