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    No matter what your business niche is, you will need a good graphic designer at some point. A graphic designer is needed for creating advertisements, magazines, brochures, business reports, and many more things.

    Before you look for freelance graphic designers for hire, you need to understand the important things that go into hiring the right designer. Here are some useful tips to hire the right graphic designer.

    Respect the Craft

    Always remember the majority of the freelance graphic designers out there are not trying to take advantage of you. They have the skills and passion needed to transform your vision into visual design and they deserve good compensation for their work.

    You need to understand the project is collaboration between you and the graphic designer. First, you need to determine your point of view of the project and then seek the graphic designer view of the project.

    Do Your Homework

    Before you start looking for the right graphic designer, you need to do your homework. For example, what kind of project you are planning? Which qualities are needed in the graphic designer for that project? You need to have clear answers to two important questions.

    ·         What do you like?

    ·         What you don’t like?

    Remember a graphic designer is a not neither a web developer nor a creative director. While the graphic designer can create a look for the website, he/she cannot do the coding part. A graphic designer can create a great looking logo but you can’t expect the graphic designer to establish your brand identity.

    Set Clear Expectations

    To ensure the success of the project, you need to provide enough background information about the project. The candidate needs to know the details of the company, the objectives of the project and the skills you are looking for.

    Sharing potential obstacles and the deadlines of the project is essential in the job description. This will help the candidate determine whether he/she can meet your expectations.

    Write a Creative Brief

    A creative brief is a great tool to attract potential graphic designers. The creative brief will include the background of the project that will help you find the best match.

    Find out the Candidates Creative Thinking Process

    Once you are done with the job description and the creative brief, you will receive applications from potential graphic designers. When you are looking for freelance graphic designers for hire, make sure you get an idea of the creative thinking process of the candidates.

    You can find out the candidates creative thinking process by asking something unexpected during the interview process. For example, you can show a creative design piece or logo and ask the candidate how he/she could have done things differently.

    The answer will give you an insight into the candidate’s creative thinking process. The goal of this step is to understand the creative thinking process of the candidates.

    Evaluate Graphic Designer Portfolio

    A graphic designer’s portfolio will tell you about all design projects the freelancer has done. In simple words, it is a resume for a graphic designer. When evaluating the graphic design portfolio, you need to closely look at the “relative” and “absolute” elements.

    The absolute elements in the portfolio show the professionalism level, experience, and skills of the graphic designer. The relative elements show how well the designer’s style aligns with your brand.

    Request for a Trial Project

    A great way to determine whether the graphic designer is right for your project is a trial project. You can ask the candidate to complete a sample project that could only take a few hours to complete. It can be anything like touching up a past project or designing a display banner. It need not be a difficult project, but it should show their creativity.

    Ask What the Designer Expects from You

    It is always a good thing to ask the graphic designer what he/she needs from you for the success of the project. It can be anything like documentation of project requirements or artwork or flexible deadlines or feedback. Following these tips while looking for freelance graphic designers for hire will keep you away from pitfalls that prevent you from hiring a best graphic designer.

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