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    Most attorneys are highly specialized in just one aspect of law, meaning they serve very specific markets. Naturally, this means that a strong online presence can help them tap directly into the market of potential clients, seeking specific legal representation. The best websites will make it easy for online visitors to recognize that your law firm is both relevant and competent. The bad news is that almost every attorney has realized that online marketing matters. The good news is that it is still pretty easy to stand out from the competing attorneys’ websites. In the next few paragraphs, you will find some basic but effective tips of doing just that.

    Make it Work

    For better or worse, looks matter a great deal in the online world. Again and again, online marketing researchers have confirmed that more beautiful websites are more likely to win higher rates of conversions than their uglier counterparts. Rather than complaining about the inherent unfairness of this reality, your law firm should be using it to its advantage. Strive to serve up clean-looking pages supported by intuitive navigation. Never forget that when it comes to the Internet, all the certifications and awards in the world will not stop that once-in-a-lifetime client from choosing your competitor over a buggy and cluttered website.  Make life easy for both the search engine bots as well as human visitors by coming up with separate pages for every legal service your firm offers. Use effective design to make it as easy as possible for visitors to access the information they need immediately.

    Be Your Own You

    If you want to stand out from the competition, you must consider the multifaceted realities of modern online activity. Your online marketing strategy needs to consider a multitude of facts unique to the online world. For example, you should know that many online audiences primarily use mobile devices. Does your website render as beautifully on smartphones as it does on laptops?  How does it look on a tablet? You also have to keep in mind that most web users are, by definition, impatient when it comes to professional services. Is your contact form a serious inconvenience, or do you make sure to get by with asking for just a few pieces of information? You have to remember that online audiences are less likely to trust your own words, but more likely to trust the words of fellow members of that audience. Does your website effectively and prominently display positive reviews and testimonials from your past clients? As the cliché goes, content is king when it comes to online marketing. Does your website offer regular streams of unique content that showcase your legal expertise to win in search engine rankings and impress human sources of referrals and new cases?

    Up Your Game

    Finally, the best attorney websites are continuously improving. This means much more than making sure to address bugs and glitches promptly and regularly. This means more than pushing out new blog posts or white papers and newsletters. A true commitment to ongoing improvement is data-based and online platforms are the best when it comes to rich analytics. Learn which content resulted in the most online visitors, and which design changes increased conversion rates. Do not limit your law firm’s online success by just tracking your search engine rankings and visitor rates. Carefully consider bounce rates and conversions to make sure your website is doing what it is meant to do in the first place: bring you a steady stream of great business.

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