• Tue, Aug 7, 2012

    It is hard to believe that a mere two decades ago, the words website design company were pretty much non-existent.  Google was a charming character in a novel and an actual verb (as in to gawk or peer intently).  Bing referred to a delicious brand of cherries and HTML was just a random collection of letters.

    Then the world went “boom”.  The tech boom, that is.  During the 90s computers underwent a makeover.  They became sleek, high functioning machines.  Dot matrix printers were replaced with laser. Five inch floppy disks (you know, the kind they said not to store on the fridge with a magnet?) were pushes aside for the chic 3.5 inch hard disks.  Also, a little phenomena emerged known as the Internet.

    In those early days, there was no need for a website design company.  The Internet was chock full of whimsical home-made pages full of photos and dancing gadgets.  Nobody, it seemed, was taking it seriously.  It was fun; it was almost faddish and making a web page was a great way to spend your spare time.  Remember how fast the Internet was in those days?  Not very!  Dial up was the only way to go so turning to the computer to quickly look up information was certainly not favored over simply opening an encyclopedia or going to the local library.

    Time, however, brought more improvements.  Hard disks fell to the wayside as recordable compact disks took over.  CDs had a short reign before bowing out to the handy, portable USB (a.k.a. thumb) drive.  Screens went flat, towers slimed down, dial up disappeared and all of a sudden web pages were sleek, informative and in demand.

    The need for a great website design company was born seemly overnight.  Faster internet meant convenience.  It meant access to a global network of information.  It meant money.  Anyone with business savvy was quick to catch on.  A consumer no longer had to leave their house to view a product or even make a purchase.  This could all be done from home.

    Convenience was the key.   We wanted to see what we wanted to see quickly.  We wanted it to be easy to make purchases.  We wanted to network with our friends.  It was the website design company to the rescue!  Carving out a niche in this new world, designers churned out profit boosting sites for companies and individuals.  Gone were the gimmicks of early web pages, like the envelope that flashed over the “email me!” link.  In came the flash, RSS feeds, and bi-lingual options.  In came the worldwide shipping and real-time chat support.

    Yet…it has only been two decades.  Roughly 20 years.  A mere blip on the big picture and just a slice of a lifetime.  It has literally only just begun.  It is the dawn of a new age and in this new millennium, it is the rise of the website design company.  Twenty more years will pass and you can look back to a time when a whole new job market opened up and you can say, “I was there.”

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