• Mon, Aug 6, 2012

    If you are in the market for a website, how do you choose the right website design company?

    The first step is to assess your needs.  Have an idea of what you want your website to achieve for you and/or your business before you approach a website design company.  A good website design company will help you expand your ideas and let you know the available possibilities for your website.  However, for the best result, you need to be able to tell your designer exactly what you want your website to do for you.  It may be to increase brand awareness, facilitate online orders and shipping, information or a combination of those and other things.

    Secondly, do your homework.  You and your designer must be able to communicate with each other easily.  You may know your business inside and out but the website design company of your choice knows how to make websites.  You both need to have a good working relationship for a mutually satisfying result.  When choosing a designer, consider the prospective designer’s portfolio, their references and client reviews.  Make sure their deadlines correspond with yours.  (You do not want to be announcing the rollout of your new website only to find the website design company has your project slated for the week after your rollout deadline).  While there are many advantages of working with a local website design company, do not be afraid to think globally.  Talented designers in other cities, states or even countries may be able to give your site some extra insights that a local designer may not.  This is important if you are shipping or receiving globally.  If you are Canadian and doing most of your internet business in the States, an American designer may be better able to assist you in setting up shipping/receiving and calculating customs, duty and other fees.

    Finally, seal your agreement with a written contract.  Your agreement with your website design company should include provisions for tweaking the site post launch as well as applicable milestones, deadlines, and contingencies for additional work.  A written contract keeps both designer and client clear on what is expected, reducing possible future frustration as the project progresses.

    Having a good website design company is a critical part of a successful business.  Take the time and effort necessary to choose the one that will best suit your needs.

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