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    Excessive consumption of memory is always a concern as far as successful operation of a virtual server is concerned. To sort this out, the user needs to optimize his Virtual Private Server as a pre-condition to smooth functioning.

    What does VPS Optimized mean?

    VPS Optimized is an edition of cPanel that can be availed by customers who have acquired a VPS license. In this special version, the features remain the same as it is in cPanel’s other versions, but in addition to that it helps in utmost efficient functioning of the software well within the boundaries of the memory limitations of a VPS. It has been seen that the idle memory usage in an otherwise standard cPanel installation running on a Virtual Private Server is almost double than it is in a VPS optimized scenario.

    Memory-usage baseline is significantly low

    It has been seen that whenever a WHM VPS Optimized is updated to its optimized format with not any additional changes being done, the memory utilization numbers go down significantly. Formal tests show that the consumption in standing memory gets reduced by a margin of 12-15 MB. The reduction does not stop here, it has also been recorded that compared to the earlier versions there is a decrease of almost 60% in the usage of memory.


    What additional benefits are to be expected?

    There are other avenues as well through which the deployment of the memory gets lessened. One such improvements are in the form of a restructured log processing daemon and moreover a process monitoring daemon that consists of verification particular to the service. The list does not end here as there is another level of performance improving quality, which stresses upon clustering of DNS backed up by syncing process and error detection facilities.

    Facts that are required to be known to get the benefits

    The latest version of the Web Host Manager or WHM VPS Optimized is required to be run within the periphery of a standard system requirement. As far as the processor is concerned, the lowest requirement is that of a 266 MHz. In case of memory, if too many accounts are being hosted then the suggestive standard would be a 1 GB RAM. If the number of accounts is within a moderate level, then a 512 MB RAM can also work fine. Same as the former the recommendation of Disk Space varies from a minimum of 20 GB to 40 GB depending upon the number.

    Further Recommendations

    Through the fulfillment of minimum requirements is enough for running the package, a system which surpasses the lowest permit is always welcome. This is especially useful if the number of domains and accounts are expected to grow at a moderate rate.

    As far as the Operating System is concerned, a basic version of the same is required to be installed. All the required services will be installed during the WHM (support.hostgator.com/articles/webhost-manager-whm/what-is-whm-web-host-manager) installation process. If services are installed prior to the installation of WHM software, there could be severe possibilities of compatibility problems popping up.

    As in majority of the cases, these facilities are meant for business-related hosting, the IP addresses being licensed can be seen by everyone and they are static as well. Internal, Sticky or Dynamic IP addresses are not licensed under any circumstances. At last, it also needs to be mentioned that these are not supported by one-to-many Network address translation.

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