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    When you are prepared to use an image in a web page it is considered to be optimization. If a picture file is too large, then the visitors in your site may find it difficult to download the picture. Therefore, when you optimize a picture file it lowers the file size as well as helps it to load the picture faster. You need to optimize the photo before it is used for web design; so read the points mentioned below to optimize images for the web.

    Here are a few ways to optimize images for the website with the webpage:

    1. Before optimizing images make sure the picture is saved in JPEG format or GIF format in case of clip art and logos. These formats are recognized by most browsers when you optimize the pictures.

    2. Make sure you reduce the file size without compromising with the quality of GIF images by reducing the colors used. The colors of many GIF images can be reduced to 16.

    3. You can use the image specification tags in HTML as it can be beneficial for you while optimizing the picture. You can expand a small photo with the help of image specification tags. Therefore, you can save file space by not using a larger file.

    4. Try to use an online image compressor for instance JPEG Wizard or GIF Cruncher. You can reduce the image’s file size without compromising with the quality when you use these free services in order to compress the size of the image.

    5. You can either download or buy an image compressor program like Adobe ImageReady. A few high ended image compression programs provide image editing capabilities as well. You are not required to connect to the internet in order to use them.

    6. Make sure it supports graphic interlacing before buying an image editing program. Generally, you can download the image line by line when you use interlacing graphics; otherwise it may take a long time to load completely.

    7. You need to check whether your image editing program can create a progressive JPEG. The work of a progressive JPEG file is similar to interlaced GIF files and let the image load line by line.

    Therefore, these are a few ways you can optimize your picture for web and make your website visually attractive. If you website is visually attractive it can help to draw more traffic in your site.

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