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    Did you know that not every website design will be compatible with all the browsers out there?  Yes, it’s absurd but it’s true.  As it turns out, website design is an art all its own with a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration. One of those factors should be that there are multiple browsers and everyone has their preference.  Firefox is extremely popular and Google Chrome is making waves – not to mention the good old Internet Explorer.  Who would’ve guessed that you needed to make your website in a manner that was savvy enough to transcend all browsers?  Oh, and that doesn’t even begin to touch on iphones, tablets or android technology devices.

    As it happens there are websites out there, specifically designed to check if your site is cross-browser compatible; there are even sites that will convert your current website to an iphone friendly site. Who could have foreseen all these caveats when the internet first erupted into the mainstream? It’s also hard to believe that you still stumble across website design that doesn’t work with your browser of choice, after all, this is the age of technology; you would think that a person who specializes in website design would have these bases covered.

    The most impressive snafu to date has to be the incompatibility of sites with the Safari browser. What a colossal error that is; Safari is the browser that iphones and ipads utilize and nearly everyone owns one, the other or both.  Apple is constantly reinventing its devices and coming up with new ones; they were on the brink of monopolizing the market on tablets until Samsung upped its game. Keeping that in mind, how do you build or own a site that reports a 404 error every time someone with an Apple device tries to access your content, it’s ludicrous. Website design itself has become just as important as the content it’s designed around.  Many people still think it’s acceptable to attempt to build their own site – it’s not. If you want to hop on WordPress and toss together a blog that’s one thing; but if you want to build a professional site that you expect to see a return on then you better invest in a proper website design. As previously mentioned it’s the era of technology so you better get on board with it now and save yourself the trouble of trying to catch-up later.

    Recognizing that there is no excuse not to use a proper website design and format is just as important as choosing a design professional who clearly knows what’s important.  If you check out a designers past work and you find things difficult to navigate or unattractive than it’s probably a good idea to look for a different designer. Equally relevant is whether or not their products seem to be cross-compatible; a good way to figure this out is to browse their own website. It should be stellar, after all, that is what they are using as a resume so be thorough – try to access their site on a device other than a computer and see how well it works. If a website design, belonging to a designer is flawed then it’s time to start running in the other direction!

    You might think that incompatibility issues are few and far between but think back to the last time you were surfing on your phone and couldn’t access a site or it reported back a broken link that works perfectly fine from your computer. It happens all the time.  Eventually, in some perfect world somewhere, the same browser will be used by everyone, there will be no competitive technology market and unicorns will come back from extinction or mythology and we’ll all hold hands. Until that time, millions of years in the future, you will continue to run into these incompatibility problems.  The one thing that you as a consumer can do is report incompatibility issues to the offending site and, if you have or plan to build your own site, you can be sure to use a website design that is friendly to all browsers and devices.

    Don’t be discouraged, it all sounds a little scary and over-whelming but a good website design, put in place by a professional, will keep you from ever needing to be worried about incompatibility.

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