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    There are millions of websites today and all of these million websites are hosted on virtual online spaces called web servers. While designing and developing a site is one part, hosting and keeping the site active 24×7 is the other major part of website management. Websites can either be hosted on single dedicated servers or shared with other sites, depending on the size of the establishment and the traffic the site receives. In order to manage these servers, cPanel acts as a web hosting control panel providing the necessary graphical interface and automation tools. However a default cPanel needs to be updated with third party applications to enhance its capabilities. These third party applications or plugins are known as cPanel addons and any website owner/builder/hosting professional must know about the below mentioned cPanel addons.

    Most Essential cPanel Addons

    1. Site Builders

    Site builders prompt any web developer, an expert or a novice, to understand the various stages of web development and get through it with minimal complications. These addons provide customizable templates for easy web design and easy to install applications to get started with the web development process.

    2. Auto Installers

    A number of web applications, drivers and licenses need to be installed to your website to make it more functional and attractive than the provided default template. Installing these applications can turn out to be a very tedious task, requiring a lot of work and patience from the developer. However, auto installers are those addons or packages that take care of every web application installation, helping the developers to focus on other crucial stages of web design.

    3. Server Monitors

    As mentioned above, websites are hosted on virtual online spaces called web servers and these servers could be either dedicated or shared. There could be a lot of problems associated with servers such as power outage, excessive traffic etc. bringing the website down and thus incurring huge losses. Hence, server management is one of the most important parts of web hosting to ensure that the site is up and running 24×7. Server monitors are those cPanel addons that make the process of server management easy to handle.

    4. Helpdesk Systems

    B2C businesses such as e-commerce and e-learning sites need to maintain consistent communication with their clients and foster strong customer relations. Helpdesk systems are those cPanel addons that set up email, call and chat support on their websites, helping the businesses to communicate well with their customers.

    5. Billing Automation

    Billing automation packages or addons are widely used in many companies, especially e-commerce sites to assist them in generating bills on an online order or purchase. They also assist in setting up payment gateways to enable the customers to make the payment online. The addons also perform automatic processing and dispatch of orders and payment via foreign currencies.

    6. SEO and Marketing Tools

    Since the internet is filled with millions of websites today, it is very essential for a website to stand out in the crowd and improve its search engine ranking. Good SEO means good marketing for companies and to achieve this automatically, there are many cPanel addons that act as SEO and Marketing tools to assist in improving the SEO of a website by providing relevant data and data analytics.

    7. Mobile App

    Technology has made it possible for businesses and business executives to be quick and reachable, whether they are in their office or on the go. There are many cPanel addons that let users to set up a control panel and WHM on their iPhones and Android phones and be able to manage the website as well as the server without any delay or trouble.

    8. Security

    While everything is going online today, from shopping to money transactions, security breach of a website which handles a plenty of user accounts and their confidential information is indeed a big concern. There are many addons that are aimed to increase the security of a site by detecting spam messages, unusual traffic, login troubles etc. and acting on them at the earliest.

    cPanel addons are installed on addon domains and an addon domain is a fully functional, separate domain that can be created within a cPanel. An addon domain will have multiple cPanel addons as mentioned above and will appear as a distinct domain along with the private domain of a cPanel.

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