• Wed, Oct 31, 2012

    When it comes time for your business to develop a new website for itself, there might be a few questions you’ll find yourself asking. One of the biggest questions that business owners ask is what the difference is between a self-designed website, and the work of a website design agency? There are so many tools available now for people to independently build their own websites that many people are curious as to what the function of a website design agency is. Do they use programs that are different from the tools available to the mass public? Will the results be any different? Are there trade secrets that only they know? Will customers be able to tell if you’ve developed your website yourself?

    It is true that there are many tools available now to develop your own website, many of them free. Many of these tools, when put in the right hands, can build beautiful and functional websites. However, just because these tools are capable of building amazing websites, it doesn’t mean they always do. Any pencil is capable of producing a beautiful and lifelike sketch, but the skill level of the person holding the pencil will control the outcome. The same is true of the website development tools available to the mass public and the difference in outcome when a website design agency uses them.

    The truth is that many professional website design agency employees actually do use the free tools made widely available to the public. The difference is that they combine them with industry-specific tools, and use them at a much higher level than the average person. Many tools, such as WordPress, can provide a wonderful framework for a website, but it will look cheap and unprofessional if designed using a premade template. You don’t your website to look like a teenager’s blog, right? A professional web developer will know how to take a tool like WordPress and customize it in such a way that it becomes completely unique, with no risk of the site looking like someone else’s. Web developers are highly trained professionals with a very specific set of skills and an understanding of certain technologies. Without a formal education, most people couldn’t successfully use the industry tools they combine with the mass-market ones in order to make beautiful websites. Though it is entirely possible to create a website yourself online using only amateur tools, it simply won’t have the same look, feel, depth, or functionality as one professionally designed and built by a website design agency.

    Your website is one of the most important investments you’ll make into the marketing of your business, so it has to be done right. If you have experience and expertise in building websites, go ahead and design one yourself. Otherwise, you will get a much cleaner, more streamlined, and more user-friendly result from hiring a website design agency. It might cost a bit more than using a free online tool, but the boost it will give to your business will be well worth the initial costs. Hiring a professional is money worth spending.

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