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    If you have been working on your web marketing strategy for a while, the words Search Engine Optimization may make you smile or cringe, as the case may be. So many people profess to know how to harness the power of SEO nowadays that it becomes often an irrelevant notion in the minds of the business owners. The costs of SEO services range widely, and so does the even most basic understanding of what these services actually involve and how they change the overall standing of your business online.

    No matter how you may feel about the need for even more investment into SEO due to the constantly changing search engine algorithms, the optimization need is there to stay for at least the foreseeable future. If simply being told you need to use SEO because everyone else does is not good enough for you (and of course it shouldn’t be), here is a rundown of a few reasons to consider that are more specific.

    Reason one: effectiveness

    No matter how much change occurs to the Google and Yahoo and Bing algorithms in any given month, truly original and well-composed content from experts in a field does end up in the search results if it is given a chance by using Search Engine Optimization essential elements. Using customer-driver keywords in a correct density that does not make the content impossible to read but makes it easy for the robots to index is the key to optimization success.

    Reason two: persistence

    There have been predictions for years that claimed that Search Engine Optimization will be a passing craze that will soon be replaced with something new. However, as practice and experience have shown, properly managed SEO finds the golden middle balance between the human need for coherent and fact-filled texts and correctly done and presented search engine results and rankings. Thus if someone tells you today or tomorrow that SEO is ‘dead’ or ‘on its way out’, consider the investment the world’s most successful enterprises make into this line of marketing each and every day.

    Reason three: the result for the money

    If you have ever tried keyword advertising or email marketing, you will know that these types of online marketing take a lot of financial input with sometimes questionable results. Investing in Search Engine Optimization, on the other hand, is a time tested strategy that works because it is based on long-term planning and research as opposed to a short burst of activity that is either hit or miss.

    Reason four: competition

    Try to search for yourself in the search engines for the keywords under which you should be found. If your competition comes earlier in the results than you, there is some or a lot of SEO work to be done. People looking for your product or service need to be able to find you – otherwise you are giving your competitors a head start for free by not trying hard enough.

    Reason five: the mobile age

    You may have noticed that people use their smartphones and tablet computers more than ever when looking for information. While this may sometimes create additional problems for your web design team, it also opens up a wide range of possibilities for your Search Engine Optimization work. If a person is mobile, you can end up in their search results depending on where they are. Properly managed location-based SEO can do miracles to your bottom line.

    Reason six: content is king

    SevenReasonsWhyYourBusinessShouldInvestInSEO_110820141125While some may promise to resolve all of your SEO questions by automated algorithms and article spinning, it is original human content that will prevail in the end. It is important for your business to always adapt to the climate and provide your website visitors (and search engine bots) with something fresh to look at as often as possible. A website that is stagnant creates a highly unfavorable impression on both sides, which is hardly what you desire.

    Reason seven: need to keep moving

    Even if your Search Engine Optimization work in the past year was brilliant and brought fantastic conversions, feedback and revenue figures, this is not the time to pat yourself on the back and expect the picture to stay the same indefinitely. Just like a runner that completes one lap at the front of the group should not just stop, the race for you is far from finished. Your business’s SEO work needs to be constant, vibrant, active and innovative. Only through keeping all of this advice in mind will you reap the fruits of this highly approachable and valuable part of your overall marketing plan.

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