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    Online business owners cannot afford to miss anything when it comes to having a perfect website built as every single aspect of it is important. It is important for a professional eCommerce website developer to be innovative, use the best technology to develop web design for small businesses, and should have worked with similar clients in the past. There are some sure tips to follow in hiring the best eCommerce website developer.

    Credentials of a promising website developer

    1.  Clean code:

    Your website developer should be able to develop clean codes for the websites. The term clean code refers to codes that are easy to read and easy to develop. Having clean codes ensures websites work better, faster and more efficiently. Clean code also helps in making definite changes to the website when needed.  Some website developers hide the backend code which is an important part of a page’s code from website owner. This code is written in Ruby or PHP and needs to be clean and open for changes in the future. One best tool to indicate the purity of the developer’s code is the W3C’s HTML validator as this tool renders the list of errors and warning in the site’s HTML.

    Six Credentials to Look for Before Hiring an Ecommere Website Developer2.  Performance and functionality of the site:

    Potential eCommerce website developers should develop sites that load quickly. This is an important parameter as visitors of a website would not wait for it to load. If the web page does not pop up, there are all chances for the shopper to simply leave. Sites that take more than 4 seconds to load might lose 25% of its visitors, and thus it is important for sites to load quickly. Website developers should develop competent eCommerce sites and perform speed tests on them and enable it to gain a perfect speed score. Websites need to be cross browser compatible as well. They should open in mobiles and desktops. Question your developer about the page load time and functionality of the site in specific areas such as filling out forms, entering shopping cart, making payments, and so on. Even minor breaks in functionality could kill sales in an eCommerce site. Web developers should build intuitive and easy to use websites with all key functionalities that a shopper would expect, such as site navigation, product filtering and sorting, adding products to the cart and checkout process.

    3.  Creating a website that eases purchase:

    There is tough competition surrounding eCommerce business. Any website is just an option in the minds of the buyer, and it is important for it to outsmart the competitors to be picked up by the customer. The eCommerce website developer should concentrate on the price listing of the websites so as to portray the best products with good value for money. The website should be able to categorize products based on a particular niche so as to sell a huge number of products based on specific categories.  Realizable web hosting ensures 100% uptime of websites to ensure constant availability of products to customers. Most of all, eCommerce website developer should ensure a safe online shopping experience as users are concerned about their privacy and security.

    4.  Web Accessibility:

    Web accessibility is a legal requirement for eCommerce websites (www.wisegeek.com/what-is-an-ecommerce-website.htm). Website developers should be capable of creating websites that meet the general guidelines on web accessibility as this is a measure of how site visitors interact with the website. The web designer should be an expert who could translate the objectives and goals of the business into pleasing online shopping experience. He should be able to inquire about the different goals, values, and differentiators and be informed of all credentials before creating an ecommerce web design for small business.

    5.  Experience of the web developer:

    Business owners should look for a website developer who could transform the objectives of a business into a successful design. Web development is a skill of the self-taught, do not judge the professional based on his academic credentials, as experience is more important than formal education. Hire a web developer who could learn new technologies than somebody who is a master in a specific skill.

    6.  Cost:

    Services of potential eCommerce developer should come at a nominal cost. It is okay to perform some research and comparisons before hiring the service. Analyze the time and cost factor before hiring the developer and inquire on the services offered by them for a specific cost.

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