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    According to US freelance statistics, there are more than 53 million freelance workers in the US and you can greatly benefit by using their services. Even though the freelancing trend is rising, there are several misconceptions surrounding their work style. Here are 6 critical misconceptions about freelance web designers in Los Angeles or elsewhere that simply aren’t true.

    1. Web Designers Are Dime a Dozen

    There are many people who know Photoshop basics, have learned CSS and HTML from the book but that doesn’t make them a designer. Anyone can learn web designing but it takes time to master the art.

    A web designer is a professional who knows different elements of the page through website design, and how to use them optimally to achieve objectives. Web designers learn these skills through practice, experience, and continual learning. It takes time and patience to be a professional web designer and people with basic knowledge and little experience are not truly web designers.

    2. Freelancers Freelance Because They Can’t Find Jobs

    Some of the freelance web designers out there are so talented and skilled that leading web design companies would love to have them in-house. They might have worked in companies before choosing the freelance path but that does not mean they are out of a job because they lack talent.

    The freelance web designers have chosen their career path for their own reasons and certainly not due to lack of employment opportunities.

    3. Freelance Web Designers Work Cheap

    It is true freelance web designers charge comparatively less than web design companies but they don’t provide their services for a bargain basement low price. Generally, the freelance web designer does all work like research, brainstorming and creates design single-handed that’s why they are able to provide services at comparatively lower prices than design agencies. Freelance web designers know what they are worth of and they are less likely to accept less than standard fees.

    4. If I Pay Freelancer in Advance, They Won’t Do a Good Job

    This misconception arises due to lack of trust in freelancers and many people think the freelance web designer won’t do good job because he/she already got paid. In other words, the freelance web designer will give his/her best only when the payment is done after the work is completed.

    The fact is the freelancer will work more seriously if he/she is paid in advance as it shows the client is serious about the project and will definitely pay after completing the project successfully. Also, the work that freelancer does is useful to get more work so you will always find the freelancer giving his best to every project irrespective of the terms of payment.

    5. Freelance Web Designers Are Not Progressive

    This one is a frank misconception about web designers. The web design field changes rapidly with new technologies with new design platforms coming in. To increase his/her employability, a freelance web designer has to upgrade knowledge and skills and stay competent web designer in market.

    6. Web Designers Don’t Work Well with Web Developers

    Web designers and web developers are two different professions often confused by people who don’t have deep knowledge about the industry. Web designers refer to creative professionals who can convert a client’s vision into an aesthetically artistic design and website that will impress millions of viewers.

    On the other hand, a web developer is a professional who can write code in different programming languages. They are also referred to as programmers who develop applications. Web designers in Philadelphia use software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver while web developers know languages such as JavaScript, ASP, ColdFusion, PHP, Ruby, DHTML, Python, and Perl.

    In most working scenarios, you will require web designer and web developer to work together. If you are interested in developing a website or a brochure, you would need a web designer. If you want to develop ecommerce applications, you would need web developer.

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