• Mon, Jul 30, 2012

    Any career in the computer technology sector is sure to be a lucrative one. Programmers, analysts, IT personnel, and software developers are all in high demand. The turn-off for many people considering entering this industry is how purely technical many of these jobs can be. To an outsider, these careers might look like they consist of nothing more than complex strings of code. While it’s true that there is a heavy technical aspect to technology related jobs, many provide a desirable balance of technical processes and creative vision. If you are looking for a job that will provide you with this interesting balance, you might want to consider becoming a website designer.

    Web design is becoming a very competitive industry, so in order to become a successful website designer, you must properly educate yourself. There are many options when it comes to education: community colleges, major universities, technical institutions – most post secondary schools offer some type of program in web design. There is also a range in type and level of education available. Certificates, diplomas, applied degrees, baccalaureate degrees, and even graduate degrees are available in we design. The type of education you choose is dependent upon what you want out of your education. A certificate, diploma, or applied degree will get you into the field more quickly, but might not provide you with credits or knowledge transferrable to other industries should you choose to change jobs. Baccalaureate and graduate degrees will give you a lot of interesting theoretical knowledge, and will give you the opportunity to work for prestigious employers, but will consume more of your time and money. It’s up to you to decide where you want your education to take you.

    Once you’ve decided upon the type of education you want, and have completed your studies, it’s time to look for work. The most obvious place for a website designer to find work is with a web design company. Positions and duties will vary by company, but you will likely be building websites to exact client specifications, or, more loosely, based on the client’s more general ideas of what they want. The degree to which you may exercise your creativity will vary from company to company.

    If you love the creative design aspect of being a website designer, find a company that will allow you more creative freedom. If you prefer the more technical aspects of the job, find a company that lets the client provide specific instructions for the website’s aesthetic. Many marketing firms and large corporations hire website designers as well, for external and internal websites respectively. There are lots of employment options, so take your time and choose carefully!

    Few jobs require the balance of creative vision and technical prowess necessary to become a website designer. If you find yourself in possession of both of these skills, and struggling to find a job that will let you exercise both, you will definitely want to consider website design as a career option. It’s a job that can be challenging at times, but if you have the right skill set, it is sure to be equally exciting and fulfilling!

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