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    For you to have a high quality and an effective website you actually require a lot of your time trying to build it especially if you are a beginner. First you have to give all your concern to the requirements of the website users. That is the experience of the user, interaction considerations, usability and accessibility. You as well need to understand the perception of the visitor when designing. In addition you need to make use of easy, maintainable and clear navigation. Since placement of navigation links plays an important role in your website it should therefore be easily accessible, consistent, neat and flexible enough hold any extra links required.

    The Design

    The design of the layout should also be consistent and clear. You can make use of fonts that are accessible in all computers to avoid messing up with your website. Dreamweaver templates should also be recommendable for the consistency of the website design. It is as well advisable for you to design all the resolutions of the screen. Your site should be easy to use in order to encourage visitors to read and stay in your content. Lastly ensure that your site is cross browser compatible. Ensure you check your site those top versions of the browser such as Netscape, Safari, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome since they comprise of about 95% of the browsers in the world.


    Nowadays, the world has moved to pure CSS websites from table based websites since it gives reusability, accessibility and it reduces file sizes very considerably. Therefore you have to learn how to program website using pure CSS. Some of the simple CSS styles effects include cool text effects by use of CSS styles such as Line-through Effect, Text Case Setting, Text Links Rollover and Text Spacing. Second are bullets in Dreamweaver or HTML along with links without underlining.

    Again, ensure that you optimize your load time. It should be as low as possible and test the performance of your website often. So you must minimize scripts, flash and graphics. You should optimize your script code and HTML that is your site should not have any unused scripts or unwanted tags. Wherever possible make use of server side include file. Make use of server as well as customer caching of your web page fixed content. Then set the expiry time of the header and lastly minify JS and CSS code by removing all comments, as line breaks as well spaces from your Javascript files and CSS.

    In addition make sure that your website is designed in a reliable and scalable way. The code and hosting should as well be reliable and scalable. It should be free from errors and able to hold smoothly the increased user loads. It has to be presentable and do well under all circumstances of the user. It is also very important to carry out the interaction of the user and usability when creating your site as early as possible. Keep improving and testing your website as it improves.

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