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    If you have decided that you want to design and launch your own custom-built website for your business or hobby, you need to begin to search for the web design program that will work best for you. When searching for the right program, you want to keep in mind your level of education and experience in web design, how much money and time you want to invest into the creation and launch of your website, how easy the program is to use and understand, and how customizable the websites within the program really are.

    Here are a few of the highest-rated web design programs that can work even for the beginners out there who want to take control over the look of their websites and save money in the long run by not having to hire a professional website designer ever again.

    Coffee Cup Visual Site Designer

    This program is great for those who really want to design their own website but feel too insecure in their abilities to do so because of lack of experience and education. CoffeeCup Visual Site Designer takes the guesswork out of web design. It has what is known as a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) interface, meaning you do not need to use any kind of coding to get the site that you want. Rather, you drop in and place images and text wherever you want them to be, and that is how your site will appear when it is uploaded to the internet.

    Intuit Website Creator

    Intuit is a company known for creating programs that are great for beginners and take the guesswork out of any task. This program is also one of the most affordable options on the market, and it allows you to design a custom site without knowing any code whatsoever.

    Net Objects Fusion

    This website design program is perfect for those who are already creatively inclined and have experience in designing layouts or graphic design. And if you have any issues whatsoever, a live support team is available to answer any of your questions as you go through the process of designing the site. You can even design a site from scratch or use on of the program’s templates.

    Web Easy Professional

    Don’t know HTML, or any other coding language for that matter? That is not a problem at all if you have Web Easy Professional, which is a great program that offers the same design capabilities of much more expensive programs, like Dreamweaver, but at a much more affordable cost. Whether you have experience in coding or you are a complete beginner, this program can work for anyone.

    Serif Web Plus

    This easy-to-use program is perfect for the beginner web designer, especially since it not only offers many templates to serve as starting off points, but it also guides you through incorporating media onto your webpage, such as YouTube and Flash. So if you want to take your website a step further, beyond the basic site template that features static text and images, this is the perfect program to get you started.

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