• Fri, Aug 3, 2012

    Starting up a new business is a great responsibility. In today’s economy there are a lot of risks to starting up a new business. Many people when starting a new business will completely forget to factor in starting up a website for their business. For some people starting a website can seem more intimidating than starting a business. There is a lot to learn about creating, and maintaining a website. It can seem very overwhelming, but it does not have to be overwhelming. For people unfamiliar with creating a website the first step to having a great website for your new business is to hire a professional website design firm.

    A business website has several purposes. The easiest purpose to see is that of listing information about the business for potential clients and customers to find. If John Doe decides to open up a bakery he will want his website to list information about his bakery, such as the hours of operation, the address and a contact phone number. John could easily start a website and some of his bakery’s information. However without a well designed website that is easy to use and navigate, chances John’s website will got lost among the millions of sites out there, and John’s bakery will not attract any new customers. A good website design firm knows that in order to get views on a website, often called hits, and interest in a business there must be more to business website than basic information.

    The second purpose of a business website essentially falls under the area of advertising and marketing. It makes sense John Doe wants everyone to know his bakery is the best in the city. Having a well designed website, with product information is a great goal, but like the business information a person cannot just plaster a website with customer testimonials and advertisements and assume everything will work out for the best. Having a website is a form of advertisement and a website design firm will be able to create a website for John’s bakery that showcase his business, the products he’s selling and the customers he is trying to reach.

    Some people tend to forget that websites are not read in a linear fashion. Take for example a book. In most cases it would not make sense for a person to start reading on chapter 5 and then move over to chapter 3 and so on. A book is a linear form of information, but a website is non-linear. While every website usually has a standard front page, or homepage, a person reading a website will jump around from one bit of information to the next. Even the best writer and marketer has to change their process of relaying information when building a business website. Whether it is a portion of text in a sidebar, or a link in a menu to another part of the website, a good website design firm will be able to design a website that is easy for visitors to use and navigate. They will be able to make sure the focus in on your product or service and ensuring that your business will grow.

    Before for a business a website seemed like a frivolous luxury, but for new business owners it is a necessity. A business website should provide information about the business and the products and/or services offered. Starting a website is something anyone can do, but it takes skill and expertise from a website design firm that will create a business website to attract new customers, and to expand on the customers and clients a business currently has.

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