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    Websites require content in order to attract traffic. Whether this is through the use of images, videos, or writing, the website’s content needs to have something that the viewer or reader is looking for. In the case of written web content, websites employ a content writer to write pieces using various tactics to attract readers and possibly new business for the company.

    Writing exclusively for websites, a content writer concentrates on providing relevant content that is either informational or promotional or both for the websites in which the writing is provided for. This is important for the websites as they require content of interest for readers and possible customers; the term customers is used since many of the websites employing the services of a content writer provide some form of service or sell some form of product.

    Article_Content_Writer_310520131028Websites requiring a content writer typically require pieces that are: articles, blogs, and profiles. Articles aim to be informative and strive to educate the reader on the product or service the website offers; the secondary purpose of articles is to ignite interest in the reader in order for the reader pay for a service or purchase a product. Blogs are more informal than articles but still aim to educate the reader; the main difference between articles and blogs is that blogs are more direct in their approach and can reference the website selling the service or product. Lastly, profiles seek to answer: what the website, and therefore the company, seeks to sell; what the website’s target audience is; what the website’s competition is like, if there is any; and the website’s unique take on selling the service or product. All of the pieces share the similarity in that they focus on one topic per piece.

    Each piece of content on a website is generally short and approximately the length of one page scroll in order to accommodate the size of a computer monitor. Since the pieces tend to be shorter, the content writer’s focus is on one topic rather than several. By focusing on one topic, the piece then becomes concise and informative as it will not be touching on more than one topic; a piece that has many focuses is less likely to be informative since it cannot accommodate the number of topics within the given space. Also, having one topic per piece allows the reader to more easily understand the information presented. Another similarity the pieces have is the inclusion of a keyword or key phrase.

    With many websites to compete with, a content writer incorporates a keyword or key phrase that is likely to be entered into a search engine; this is known as search engine optimization (SEO). Sugar Land SEO allows for websites appear in a search engine’s search results without having paid fees. By having the website appear higher in the search engine’s search results, the website is more likely to receive more readers interested in the website’s service or product. This increases the website’s possibility of making a sale, thereby increasing the importance of employing a content writer.

    To sum it all up, in order for websites to attract traffic and possible business, websites employ content writers to generate written web content unique to the site that attracts visitors through the use of a keyword or key phrase.

    This article was written by Caitlin Difiore, on behalf of I’m Write, offering you reliable content writing services. For more information on copywriting, you may also visit wisegeek.com.

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