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    What is e-commerce? E-Commerce is the act of selling and purchasing via electronic media.  While this definition includes all electronic systems capable of remotely processing a purchase or sale, the most widely known e-commerce application is the Internet. E-commerce conducted online is a thriving business that shows no signs of slowing down.  Three of the best known e-commerce marketplaces in North America are Etsy, eBay, and Amazon.  These examples show how a very large variety of products can be produced, marketed, sold, shipped, collaborated, auctioned, bargained, and returned all using online media. Central to marketing and selling your products online is the hire of an excellent website design firm.

    A presence on the World Wide Web is required to take best advantage of e-commerce opportunities and since the WWW is an information superhighway that spans the globe, your website must be easy to locate, navigational across all pages, updated regularly with relevant content and maintained to prevent system failure.  This is the role of the website design firm.  From conception to actualization, your company is created, placed, and marketed on line.  Depending on the website design firm you choose, the services you can expect include are website creation, website hosting, maintenance, and updating.  If you have a fair amount of e-commerce savvy and plan to update your own website in terms of blogs/news items, products and services, it is still recommended to use a website design firm for initial creation and launch of your website, to maximize SEO (search engine optimized) opportunities and to ensure that your hosting services are adequate for your needs.

    Although e-commerce was not as popular until the later part of the decade, roots of e-commerce can be traced back to 1979 when inventor Michael Aldrich developed the predecessor for online shopping.  Now e-commerce has become so ingrained in our culture, it is virtually impossible to imagine how the world would function without it.  Do not be the business that fails to move ahead with the ever changing times.  Consult with a website design firm to ensure you are reaping all the available benefits of the fast-pace world of e-commerce.

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