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    Interviewing a UX designer can be a difficult task. The reason is the term “UX” designer is used as an umbrella term for various roles. To select the right candidate, you need first to understand the role the candidate would need to play in the whole UX design process.

    To make things easy for you, we have compiled a list of top five UX designer interview questions that will give you some insight about a candidate’s capabilities in UX design field.

    1.  What Do You Understand about User Experience Design?

    It is one of the basic questions that can be asked at the start of the interview. The right answer is UX design refers to the process which involves creating products that are easy to use and provide a delightful experience to the end user.

    The whole UX design process is about enhancing user experience while interacting with the product. One of the objectives of UX design is to ensure that the end user finds value in the experience.

    2.  Which Methods Do You Use for User Research?

    User research is an essential aspect of the UX design process. The answer to this question will help the interviewer understand the process and methodologies the UX designer follows in his/her project. The right answer should include the following things and touch the aspects mentioned below.

    The various types of methods used in user research encompass in-person interviews to unmoderated A/B tests and everything in between. It doesn’t matter which method is used for research; it should include key methodologies like observation, understanding, and analysis.

    The right method used for research also depends on the context of the project. The primary objective behind using any method should be most useful results with respect to goals and desired outcomes.

    3.  What Is Interaction Design?

    This is one of the most important UX designer interview questions that help you know candidates’ knowledge about the three main elements of user experience.

    The right answer is that the interaction design is a part of the UX. The three main parts of UX design are Interaction design, Graphic Design, and Front-end development. In UX, the front end developer writes the code; the graphic designer decides how the interface should look and the interaction designer where to place different items in menus.

    The interaction designers’ jobs involve creating wireframes and prototypes and get a general feeling of the final product. In simple words, the interaction designer is responsible for user actions of the website/application while the graphic designer is responsible for graphical representation.

    4.  What Are User Personas and Why They Are Important?

    A user persona refers to a fictional representation of your ideal user. It is based on user research, and it contains goals, needs, and behavioral pattern of the defined target audience.

    The process of creating user personas is a lengthy one. Before designing any product, you need to understand the demands of the user. This will help you determine how the product will fit in the conventional requirements of the user.

    A user persona takes into consideration product requirements, goals, usage customs, and preferences. The user persona clearly defines the needs of potential users and help developers focus on user requirements and preferences during function design.

    5.  What Are User Journeys In UX and Why They Are Important?

    A user journey refers to a series of steps which define a scenario in which the user might interact with the product. User journey can be used for two purposes.

    ·         To define how a user currently interacts currently with the product/service/website

    ·         To define how a user could interact with the product/service/website

    User journeys are important for several reasons like

    Demonstrate Vision For The Product -It is always a good thing to communicate your vision to the stakeholders. It shows what the future state of the project would be and what you are designing.

     Identify Possible Functionality – User journeys identifies the key tasks (functions) that need to perform to achieve the results. In simple words, user journey defines what kind of functionality requirements are needed to complete certain tasks. These are the five top UX designer interview questions that you need to ask every candidate.

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