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    You might know that how important it is to have a visually appealing E-Commerce website design in this day and age.If a sales machine is what is expected from you there are certain measures to be taken.

    1. Mobile Friendly

    According to Smart Insights, we have already crossed the mobile tipping point. It means there is a large number of people shopping from their mobiles in comparison to the desktops. As per Statista, around 33% of shoppers on eCommerce websites are mobile shoppers. And the percentage of mobile shoppers are expected to reach 39% by 2018. Mobile-friendly websites that are regularly updated draws a bigger clientele.

    This is proof that your eCommerce website must be mobile responsive to offer a great user experience for mobile shoppers irrespective of the screen size and processing capacity of the device.

    Shopping Cart

    1. Advanced Shopping Cart

    A shopping cart is an important feature that plays a critical role in conversions. Customers generally use the shopping cart to place items where there is a 50/50 chance of them buying the items.. It is necessary that your shopping cart has features that attracts and convincesthe shopper to complete the purchase. Hire a professional eCommerce website design service provider to incorporate all the necessary features that fit your eCommerce needs.

    The shopping cart should support advanced features like discount available/deducted, display of the promotional codes, and product comparisons. All these features help the customer make up their mind and proceed to the checkout process.

    1. Security

    Security is an important aspect of an E-Commerce website and should never be ignored. Your online store should be hosted in a PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant environment if you accept online payment. PCI has laid down specific DSS (Data Security Standards) and website that stores or deals with credit card data need to be PCI-DSS compliant.

    1. Powerful Search

    Don’t make the customers wait to find the item they want. Your online store design should include a powerful search feature with advanced filter options. The search tool should be type-sensitive (bring suggestions as customer types). It should not consider typos and bring in more information during the search that will help customers find the exact thing they want in lesser time. Adding images of related products may attract the customer where he will be curious to check them out.

    1. Social Integration

    Social Media plays a key role in the success of any E-Commerce business. According to BrightLocal consumer survey, around 79% of people trust online reviews and personal recommendations. You can see consumers discussing the product and shopping experiences in a big way. Prospective buyers value such real-life experiences over marketing pitches.

    You need to integrate social media platforms into your website design so that you can encourage such discussions about products displayed in your online store.

    1. Discount Coupons and Sales

    Customers crave for sale and any form of savings. It is seen that people who are remotely interested in buying get excited when they know about the on-going sale at online stores. Black Friday in the US is the best example of this when people go on a buying spree.

    It is a proven fact that nothing works better than a discount when convincing the customer for a purchase. The psychological inclination of purchasing a product increases when a discount offer is thrown in. Offer best deals and discounts to customers to lure them make a purchase on your portal.

    1. Integrated Shipping

    Shipping is another important aspect of E-Commerce. You should integrate delivery options in the shipping cart and allow the customer to choose the mode of delivery. Free delivery (over the specific order amount) and Express delivery are some of the options you can offer. Also provide tracking options so that the customer knows the status of delivery at all times.

    1. Online Chats and Phone Numbers

    People like personalized interactions when it comes to getting information or seeking help regarding any order or delivery issue. Online chats and phone numbers are two preferred modes of communication used by shoppers when they need help or information regarding their purchases. So, never ignore this feature.

    1. Call-to-Action

    Your customers know what to do to buy items. But make sure a call-to-action is included on every page that encourages the customer to complete the order or get more information.

    1.  FAQ

    Include a FAQ in your eCommerce website design so that customers can get answers to their queries and they are not required to call customer service all the time to get answers.

    These are the must-have features on your eCommerce website that will help you create better user experiences for your customers.

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