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    UI developers shoulder the responsibility of creating an entire user interface. Due to the nature of the job profile, it is difficult to select the right UI Developer. However, asking the right questions is the first step in selecting the best UI developer.

    Here are top ten UI developer interview questions and the best answers that would help you in uncovering talent:

    1. Can You Describe the Workflow of Creating a Webpage?

    The workflow of creating the webpage has changed radically in the last few years. Every UI developer would have their unique workflow and the answer would give insight into their general technical preferences and their organizational patterns. You should pay attention to the array of tools the UI developer mentions while answering the question.

    2. How Do You Ensure the Web Application or Website Is User-Friendly?

    UI developers need to have a strong grasp of accessibility and usability aspects when designing the experience for end-users. The question would give you insights about their knowledge about the best practices and their development standards. The UI developer should be able to demonstrate the different ways in which he/she implemented usability and accessibility in previous projects.

    3. What Are Your Favorite Features of CSS3 and HTML5?

    Though it looks like a basic question, the answer would help you know whether the UI developer keeps himself/herself updated about new features in core technologies used in front-end development.

    Some of the new features of CSS3 are Rounded Corners, Border Image, Box Shadow, and Text Shadow to name a few. Similarly, some of the new features of HTML5 are new tags like Audio, Command, Canvas, Datalist, and many more.

    4. What Is a CSS Float? Can You Explain the Concept with an Example?

    The question is intended to check their knowledge of common CSS elements. Besides a concrete definition of CSS float, the UI developer should be confident about explaining the technical concept to an audience. Also, the UI developer should be able to explain how he/she uses this element in the code.

    5. How Do You Address Browser-Specific Rendering Problems?

    The answer should include the UI developer’s understanding of the browser procedure of rendering pages and web apps. Also, the UI developer should mention browser-specific workarounds and explain troubleshooting steps that he/she takes to solve browser-specific rendering problems.

    6. What UX Information Do You Need Before Starting Development Work?

    It is one of the important UI developer interview questions that allow you to test the UI developer’s planning process. The UI development depends on a lot of gathered data that includes usability testing, user surveying, and so on. The answer should also include end-user needs and business goals.

    7. What Do You Think About Google’s Material Design?

    It is a generic question and the answer should be more specific. A good UI developer would have updates about the latest user interface and standards. The UI developers would also know a lot about material design like its goals, principles, environment, properties, and likes.

    8. What Is Scraping In UiPath?

    Scraping UiPath is an innovative technique for extracting text from running apps even if the apps are hidden or covered by other apps. Not every candidate would be able to answer this question.

    9. Tell Me Something About UI Microinteractions You Have Used

    The UI developer should be able to give some examples that he/she used for the “feel” part of the “look and feel” of the project. It is necessary the UI developers understand that just creating beautiful designs is not enough, if the UI developer does not pay attention to detail, it will not impress the end-user.

    10. How Would You Design a Great-Looking Interface?

    The answer would help you understand how the UI developer thinks as end-user. The UI developer should first identify elements (shapes, colors, placement, for example) and give reasons why they need to be redesigned.

    There is more to interviewing than asking above UI developer interview questions. However, the candidate who is able to answer most of the questions satisfactorily is more likely to have better knowledge of UI development than who don’t.

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