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    Web hosting is an Internet service that allows people or organizations to make their websites accessible to their clients through the World Wide Web. On the other hand, web hosts are those companies which provide space on the server that is usually owned and sometimes leased for the clients’ use. In addition, web hosts provide Internet connectivity in a data center.

    How to Become a Web Host

    Web hosting in some cases is looked at as part of the Internet access plan in general. With the several types of web hosting services, there also exist web hosting service providers, who come in two categories of those who do it for free and those who are paid. Paid services could appear a no-go zone but on the contrary, they are always the best.

    However, with the several types of the web hosting services, it is upon the customer to clearly evaluate all the available cases before choosing on any type of web hosting. Factors to put in consideration in this case are as follows: consider the database server software and evaluate it to see if it is appropriate for the web hosting of your choice, consider the scripting software and also look at the operating system.

    Types of Web Hosting

    Web hosting comes in different forms. However large a company could be it must get connected to the Internet in order for the company to access such services as email, files and any other relevant sites. Therefore the different types of the web hosting will make all the above possible.

    Free web hosting is one type offered by many companies though it comes with limited services with the overreliance on advertisements. Shared web hosting is the second type whereby an individual’s website is placed on the same server just like other sites. Virtual dedicated server hosting involves segmenting the server resources in a way not directly reflecting the underlying hardware. Dedicated hosting service is another type where an individual gets a server and gains its full control over web hosting. The other types include: cloud hosting, clustered hosting, grid hosting, home server and reseller web hosting. However, reseller hosting is unique in its ways that make most people to prefer it.

    Web Hosting Reseller

    A web hosting reseller essentially allows one to become their own web boss. Reseller hosting offers web hosting services which enable clients to become web hosts of their own. In addition, it works for any individual who indulges him or herself in any form of web hosting. The sizes of the web hosting reseller accounts vary. As a result, a hosting reseller could have a virtual dedicated server of its own or alternatively, it could have a collocated server.

    It is upon the web resellers to provide services that are nearly similar to the shared hosting plan of their providers. In addition, they provide the technical support and therefore resellers hosting is the best web hosting.

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