• Sat, Aug 4, 2012

    A website design company has the tough job of creating a website for a customer that is attractive and functional, yet still secure and safe.  Shopping, banking and researching online are a common way of life. Full libraries of information are available at our fingertips without us having to be inconvenienced by leaving our homes.  This internet technology only promises to get better and more advanced.  Have we traded in our safety for convenience?

    One of the most popular uses for the internet is social media.  One in every nine people in the world uses social media.  In fact, more companies than ever are also using it as an additional way to promote their services and products.  By simply turning on the computer or using our mobile device, we can easily access 200 of our closest friends and update them on our whereabouts and actions.  This has mixed results.  By using a website design company, a business can contact millions of social media users in a precise age range with specific interests and market directly to them.  By allowing yourself to log in with social media or to bookmark or “like” certain pages, you are giving those companies direct information about yourself.  They are now able to see exactly who uses their websites and who their product is attracting.  They are able to physically see who is looking at them, right down to your photographs.  Also, by posting your photograph, your birthday and your address to millions of users, you have successfully provided somebody with the exact information they need to be able to use your identity as their own.

    It’s not unheard of that our personal security has a chance to be compromised each time we use the internet.  A website design company must make certain that their websites are safe to use. By encrypting our information, they are ensuring that our data is only being delivered to its intended recipients.  However, the onus is on the user as well.  Those flashing links on web-pages saying we have won a large prize should generally be ignored.  Advertising on a large scale online is not free. It’s highly improbable that anybody will be able to win a new car simply by clicking on a link.  The larger the advertisement, the more money a company has paid for that spot.  Like any company, they must be acquiring something in order to be profitable.  What information are you providing them that can be profited from?

    A good website design company often uses IP tracking as part of their webpage service. This is for numerous uses depending on the website.  Your IP address is quite similar to your home address; it is a unique identifying code that identifies your device and its location.  One of the more popular uses of your address; it is for web browser usage tracking for the website owner. By identifying the users that visit their web-pages, they are able to accurately see what countries visit their pages, for how long, what they tend to read the most and other such, useful data.  You do not need to log onto a webpage for your IP information to be transferred, this happens each and every time a webpage is visited from any device.

    The internet is something we will continue to use on a regular basis. As more and more people use the internet as their main source of information; more and more companies will turn that same direction in order to reach them.  A trained professional in website design company, have a knowledgeable advantage in your internet safety.  It is recommended that companies use professionals for these services rather than trying to pay their own staff to “figure out” a webpage.  A simple security breach can easily crumble a large company if their customers no longer trust them.  Before putting all of your information on a site, check the webmaster information and the privacy disclaimers. Know just how, when and where your information will be used. Most importantly, do your part, to help keep your personal information both safe and secure.

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