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    The World Wide Web may be a virtual universe, but it is still a very tangible place.  There is a reason why it is called “world wide” and that is because it is massive.  It is a system so vast, that the user can become hopeless lost in a sea of information if they are not directed to where they need to go.  Here is where the term “information overload” applies.  In the midst of all this information, how do you get internet users to find your website?  The answer is to use a website design firm familiar with search engine optimization.

    A website design firm does so much more than create a nice looking site. Your website design firm will also ensure your site’s content shows up in search engines, thus in turn, driving traffic directly to your doors.  This is done by filling your site with search engine optimized (SEO) content.

    SEO content are key words or phrases that search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo pick up when internet users are looking for a product or service.  For example, if John Doe is looking for an auto mechanic, he will not type AAA Auto Services into the search bar.  He will type “mechanic in Los Angeles” or “reliable mechanic”.  John Doe’s search results point to the websites that contain the words or phrases he typed.  A professional website design firm knows this fact and includes it in your site’s marketing approach.  Words and phrases that are relevant to your organization are strategically worked into the site’s content to ensure the site is easily found during routine searches.

    Your website design firm is also creating “buzz words” when he or she includes SEO content on your site.  Products and services are often discussed in online forums, blogs, surveys and opinion sites.  If your SEO words are synonymous with your product/service, they will appear independently of your site.  This is also picked up by search engines, which creates free advertising and further boosts your visibility online.  Let us return our example of John Doe and his Los Angeles mechanic search.  If AAA Auto Services used a good website design firm, they would have content throughout their site that boasts of their “first class auto service” or “reliable mechanic” capabilities.  If pleased with the services of AAA Auto, John is far more likely to use those same words when posting his opinion of this company online.  He would call them a “first class auto service” company and state how he has found them to be a “reliable mechanic”.  If Jane Doe was to search for a mechanic, not only would AAA Auto Services show up on the first page of her search results, but John’s independent comments would as well.  She would see the satisfaction of AAA’s client(s) and be far more likely to become a client herself than to be a client of a company that was buried on page 15 of the results and had no independent user feedback.

    As you can see, a website design firm takes SEO content very seriously because this type of optimization is the best way to get and remain noticed online.  Do not get lost in the sea of information overload.  Work with your designer to achieve a professional website that is quickly and easily found by potential clients searching online.

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