• Tue, Aug 14, 2012

    Website Costs You Can Do Without

    It’s no secret the price for design and development of websites is through the roof. Website costs can range from putting a minor ding in the budget to becoming your CPA’s biggest nightmare.

    Did you know there are many little details that not only can you do without, but your customers probably won’t even notice? Many businesses are paying for services that are completely unnecessary.

    Whether you’ve had your site for a few days or a few years, there are always avenues to cut costs. Sure, no one likes to read the fine print (or showcase a lack of tech-savviness by asking your developer what “static” really means). Let’s make things simple with an overview of what can be axed today.

    Your .Com

    Yes, it was tempting when securing that perfect domain name to add on that extra .org, .info or even .us for just $5 more. Do you really need it? No.

    Unless you’re at the helm of a huge international company with hundreds of competitors at your heels, you only need one domain. Those few extra bucks can seriously add up over the years and can be better spent on that new coffeemaker for the office. Employee morale goes a lot farther than a dusty domain collection.

    Custom Graphics

    Do you feel the need for a custom graphic (or dozen) every time a new page or product is added? These JPEGs go for a pretty penny and are often overrated. Browse through the wide range of free stock photography available online.

    Long gone are the days of a small sampling of cartoon images for the budget-minded business owner. Chances are you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at absolutely no cost. The one time you should invest in a customer graphic? Company logos, and it should be a onetime deal.

    A Big Company to Update HTML

    A lot of businesses view website companies kind of like an attorney – something you have to keep on retainer “just in case.” These monthly “maintenance” bills are often overkill. How much is your developer really maintaining after the site is up and running? If you’re depending on a professional (with professional fees) to add simple product images and HTML descriptions, you’re overpaying.

    Believe it or not, even the most tech shy person can learn basic HTML. When designing, or redesigning, your website, ask the developer to create a user-friendly content system to update basic information. Still not feeling up to the challenge? It’s much more affordable to hire a part-time college student for simple ongoing update tasks. Compare about $10 per hour for a smart engineering undergrad to a $50+ per hour seasoned pro to do the exact same thing.

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