• Fri, Aug 3, 2012

    It is no surprise that in this era, the majority of our day is involved with the internet.  Whether it is at work or at home, our lives and the internet have become permanently linked. During the first quarter of 2012, one in five Smartphone users booked their travel on their mobile devices. More and more people are using computers, desktops, laptops and tablets for connections to the internet for both personal and business use.  To properly utilize this fast growing medium, more companies are designing professional web-pages to provide online access for their products and services.  Through the use of a website design agency, they are able to attract customers on a global scale.  As we innocently use these websites, we trust that these companies are protecting our personal information.

    When entering your delicate information, be sure that you are entering it on a secure site.  The easiest way is to make sure that the “http” on your browser now says “https”.   Be aware of the type of internet connection you are using as well; sending confidential information over a free local Wi-Fi hotspot can leave you wide open to an internet hijacker. You may find yourself sending your information directly to a hacker instead of the intended recipient. Also question the information you are sending.  Does a particular website really need your credit card or Social Insurance number?  If so, why and what will they be doing with it. A website design agency can ensure that all privacy information is displayed clearly on their site.  Has the website design agency encrypted your personal information, check the level of inscription to see if it’s high enough for the type of information you are sending.

    When entering your email address and contact information, check to see if it will be sold to other websites.  Often, websites earn money by selling email addresses of their customers to other companies, who will then attempt to sell their own products to you.  A website design agency should clearly specify on their webpage, if they will be allowing others to access your information.  For an extra measure of personal security, question the location of the computer you are using. Does it have access to more than just you? Keylogging is a program that hackers use to see what data a user has entered into a computer. The keys are then decoded to the hacker so they can read everything you have typed.  These programs are imbedded directly into the computer you are using.  If your computer is used by more than just yourself, be sure to know who uses it and where.

    Website design agencies process the knowledge and technology to properly provide a website that is both safe and secure.  Their trained professionals are aware of the technical hazards and have the means to avoid them.  By using a website design agency, companies are able to assure their customers that their data is secure.  Customers are able to browse in confidence knowing that their valuable information is protected in the acceptable manor.

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