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    If you have an existing business or are in the process of setting up a new business you must also have a website. This is important in order for your business to be successful and also to be competitive. Although it is easier and cheaper than ever to set up a website, you still will need to invest time and money to have a well-constructed and functional website. For your website to be accessible to internet users you will need a website hosting company to store and host your website data. Here are some of the main reasons your new or existing business should consider having an online presence:

    1. The majority of businesses have to shut their doors in the evening time and a number of holiday days etc. throughout the year. However your online store will be open twenty four hours a day, seven days a week making it more accessible for potential customers.

    2. If you have one or more store locations, they are only accessible to people who shop in that particular area. A website will make your products or services available to shoppers around the globe.

    3. Offering customers an online location where they can research your business and read product and customer reviews helps to build credibility and trust around your business.

    4. Promoting a business can be difficult but through your website you can promote your products, special offers through e-mail lists and newsletters.

    Web Hosting Explained

    Web hosting is a service that stores your websites folders and data on a server and makes it available to users through the World Wide Web. You can avail of a server or server space rental through web hosting companies for a fee. These companies offer different types of hosting including free web hosting, dedicated hosting, shared hosting, collocated hosting and cloud hosting. The service suitable for you will depend on your websites needs and your budget. A server is basically just a computer with a permanent internet connection so you could in fact host your website from your own computer. However this is not recommended and it can cause a range of problems for your website. You should use a professional web hosting company for the following reasons:

    1. The server you buy or rent will be connected to high speed internet which will be constantly online which will ensure that your website is always accessible.

    2. These high powered computers are capable of efficiently delivering your website and its data to thousands of people at once.

    3. These companies offer many different features such as anti-spam, e-mail, security and password protected directories.

    4. Offer expertise which means that if there are any technical issues they will be able to resolve them quickly.

    5. Very affordable in most cases, especially for people with reasonably sized websites.

    When you buy any product or service you should always do research and this is also the case when looking for a web hosting company. Hosting can vary in price depending on what extras and features are included, you may not need all of the services offered so don’t pay for what you will not need. Establish the needs of your website and find a hosting package from cloud hosting providers to fit this. The location of the hosting companies data centre should be considered and remember that the free and cheapest options are often not the best options.

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