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    Almost all businesses have gone online these days as the market place is highly competitive and there is a need to have a strong online presence. Having a competent website is not just about having an online appearance, but is as important as the company’s bottom line functionalities. An outdated company website could jeopardize sales and could also limit the growth of the company. Then what could be the solution? A business cannot be concentrating on its online presence while it has number of other functional operations to concentrate on. Hiring an Ecommerce website developer could solve the chore and they could help businesses to have a clean, modern, easily navigable and intuitive website that attracts more visitors and also converts competent visitors into sales leads.

    What an Ecommerce Website Developer Can Do for You

    How could an Ecommerce Website Developer help a business?

    The consumers judge the professionalism and trustworthiness of an online business just by judging its aesthetics. No matter how proficient the retailers are in their respective fields, they are essentially not experts in website development, graphic designing, alpha transparency or PHP. What advantages your Ecommerce website developers (www.wisegeek.com/what-do-ecommerce-website-developers-do.htm) have for your online presence?

    •  Enhance Site Performance: It is important for website to perform fast. Websites should load easily and quickly as people usually don’t have the patience to wait. There are high chances that the customer would leave if the page does not pop up quick. Your Web developer would help in creating a website that is faster and takes just a second or two to load, sites that take more than four seconds to load carries a risk of 25% visitors leaving it instantly. Web developers conduct speed tests on the websites they create to ensure that it performs well.

    •  Improve Website Functionality: These developers ensure that the website they craft functions absolutely perfect, right from the niche. This is important as customers need to fill out forms, make product selections, make a purchase and make online payment through secure gateways. Even small breaks in functionality could kill sales and amount to losses.

    •  Creating Accessible Websites: Web accessibility is a legal requirement for many Ecommerce businesses. Web developers create websites that adhere to the general guidelines of web accessibility so that customers are able to access and interact with the website easily.

    •  Websites with Clean Code: One important trademark of a highly functional Ecommerce website is that they should be easy to read and easy to modify. This helps the website to run faster and work better and also allows the owners of the business make necessary changes whenever required. By creating a website with clean code, web developers ensure that it is upgraded on a constant basis.

    •  Well-crafted Shopping Carts: Shopping carts are the backbone of any online business. Web developers help in crafting the best shopping cart by making use of various order processing and reporting tools and design them in a way that delights the business owners.

    •  Content Management System: After web design is done, the web developers offer a CMS panel to the clients to ensure that owners of the business and their employees are able to operate it with ease. Such acts could be quite useful to manage product catalogs, product categories, order fulfilment etc.

    •  Creating a Secure Website: Ecommerce websites are required to be secure against a number of security threats such as cookie attacks, XSS hacks, SQL vulnerabilities etc.


    The web designer and developer that a business hires to create its online pages is an expert who translates the goals and objectives of a business into feature rich, customer centered and pleasing online shopping experience. They also ask a number of probing questions about business values and come up with a successful design that separates a business from its competitors.

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