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    Finding the right app developer is not easy. There are a lot of factors that go into hiring a developer.

    Ignoring such factors while hiring could make you end up investing a lot of money into developing an app that you’re not happy with.

    Below are some tips on hiring a developer who can develop the app you want without costing you a fortune.

    Define Your App Development Goals

    Before initiating your search for the right app developer, you should have a firm grasp of what you want to build.

    You cannot expect a developer to build an app for you if you don’t know what you want.

    If you want to develop a mobile app as an extension of your existing business, it should fit within your brand’s image.

    But if you are a startup trying to develop an app, it should make the right impression because it will be the first association that your potential customers will have with your company.

    Decide the revenue model as well.

    Do you want to make your app entirely free or paid? If paid, decide on the unique features you would like to offer to those who pay for it.

    Ideally, a free app is good if you are a startup and want to build a loyal audience first. You can prepare for monetization by offering in-app purchases after getting good responses from the users.

    Also, you should be clear about the product concept, functionality, and design when you want to develop a mobile app. Only then would you be able to describe the same to your developer.

    Set Up Development Budget

    Before hiring an app developer, you should decide your budget, depending on your app development platform – Android or iOS.

    Budget estimation is essential because it helps you figure out how much you need to invest in developing your app and what more is needed from your end for its growth.

    You should have a basic understanding of the app’s production cost. You can then set up the development budget based on the expertise and experience of the developer you plan to go with.

    You should also make your budget a bit flexible. However, too much flexibility can cost you a lot of money. What is needed is to maintain the right balance.

    Asses the Portfolio

    Before finalizing an app developer, ask for their portfolio and evaluate them carefully.

    Ideally, the developer should have proven experience building apps similar to what you are trying to develop.

    Look at the specific apps that they have developed.

    Download those apps on your smartphone and check their performance.

    Do they run seamlessly?

    Are you familiar with any of these apps?

    Were they successful?

    If the developer has a long history of developing failed apps, that’s a red flag.

    Invest significant time navigating through the mobile app on the developer’s portfolio. You can check if there are unexpected crashes or bugs.

    Also, do not forget to read through user comments and reviews about the app’s performance. If you find any negative comments and experiences, consider them before moving forward with the developer in question.

    Ask for References

    Check what the previous clients have to say about the app developer’s work you plan to hire.

    Look for the reviews on testimonials on the developer’s website. If you don’t find any, do not hesitate to ask them to share with you some references.

    You can also contact their previous clients directly if you know what mobile apps they have developed in the past.

    Getting a vote of confidence from those companies or people can make you feel better about the developer you plan to recruit.

    Consider Time to Build

    You cannot expect a complex and quality app to get developed within a month. But that doesn’t mean it should take years.

    So, ask the app developer to provide you with a timeline of how long each phase of the process will take. Also, the timeline should be flexible.

    You may face some speed bumps along the way that will affect your timeline. Ask the developer how they plan to manage such situations to ensure the timeline stays reasonable.

    Do you have any questions about hiring the right app developer?

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